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  1. Old Bruce - I think you are right. I found one of the fonts, but not the MS Shell Dig 2. Think that may be a system font used to replace Arial Narrow. No worries - all sorted now. Thanks for the help. 🙂
  2. And there are only three fonts used in the file - Amerta Misty (one line on the front page). Arial Narrow and Oswald. All of which I use regularly with other files and without problems. Not sure where the other two have come from? I will do a search for those just in case.
  3. Thanks for checking. The fonts should not be a problem as I am only giving away the PDF. So it exported for me without any font issues. And once in PDF should not be an issue to anyone else surely?
  4. Version - I think that is the latest, but it was happening before I updated as well. Windows 10 No crash reports that I can see. Apologies for not trying all the presets before I asked the question. I have now been through them all and the only ones it will work with are the last three - PDF/X... As I am not too sure about the differences - other than the obvious with the Digital small, print ready etc., what does this tell me exactly please? I want to be able to give the file away, so need to be sure that others can open it with standard PDF readers. T
  5. I have created a journal using text autoflow within a two-page master. The first file I did was fine. But the second one will not export to PDF without crashing at around 3% and dropping out of Publisher. It has 121 pages, and the autoflow runs over a two page 'week' for the diary. There are also other text autoflows for the months and dates throughout the document, but not within the masters. There are no graphics other than on the first page, and it is all in black and white (not that that should make any difference). Any ideas on how to fix this would be gratefully received? 🙂
  6. Is there any particular official reason WHY there is no affiliate program? Maybe we’d all stop asking for it if we knew that? i personally recommend all three programs all the time anyway, but it would be nice to earn a little on the side :-)
  7. Hi When will Publisher be available for the iPad. I found an article that suggested a year ago that it would be available this year. Is it likely to happen anytime soon please? Thanks
  8. I want to delete the edge borders of a table so that I just have the horizontal lines. I cannot see a way to do this. If I try to select one side or the other it selects the whole table. If I choose one of the table grid selections it does not let me then edit the individual borders. Changing the colours or the strokes does not seem to have any impact either? How do I turn off the edge borders? Thanks in anticipation.
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