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  1. It doesn't happen at the HSL stage - it happens when I change the blend mode (the next step) to Color Dodge ... see below ... where it used to stay as B/W
  2. Unfortunately not - it didn't transfer across and I had to delete V1 of Photo to make room on my SSD. I have a video showing exactly what I did on my YT channel if that helps? It is less about the macro and more about the process. Video is here Relevant part starts at 5:26 ish for a couple of minutes. It is the HSL choice that no longer works the same.
  3. I had a macro set up on V1 that used the HSL adjustment level in an image to line drawing process. It worked by 'desaturating' the image to black and white. It no longer does that but leaves it with a 'greenish' tinge. What has changed about this please? And based on the following what can I do to replace that step? My process was to take an image, duplicate it, add the HSL adjustment layer to the duplicate and desaturate it. Then I changed the blend mode on the image to Color dodge, inverted it and then added a live filter layer and a Gaussian blur which when adjusted changed the image to a line drawing - not perfect, but good enough. Now the 'line drawing' is in color instead of grayscale.
  4. Is there any movement on the editable fields feature that has been requested by so many?
  5. Telemax - Symbols looks a cool option. Not tried that one. Will give that a go. thank you. David - in your example the 'Release' option is greyed out, so not sure how I would do this? In Photoshop, I would have a selection of shapes on a layer with one image/pattern behind them as a smart object. I would replace the smart object and be able to change the pattern in all the shapes at once. Trying to do the same thing in any of the Affinity Suite? But it doesn't use Smart objects and I cannot 'group' the shapes together to change them all at once. At least I can group them, but it doesn't let me change the image in all of them at once. Hence my example had a separate image for each shape. Time consuming.
  6. I am trying to create a template for a set of tags (example attached) where I can change the background pattern in one action. instead of having the same image for every mask shape as in the attached example. I've tried grouping the layers, but that doesn't work. Is there a way to do this? Perhaps even in Photo instead? Xmas Tags.afpub
  7. Such a shame - I used to use them in Indesign and Illustrator all the time for repetitive tasks. Come on Affinity - can we have them in the next update ...... pretty please?!!
  8. Does Designer have the ability to record macros? I know Photo does, but I use Designer more and it would save me so much time! Likewise with Publisher!
  9. The PR Manager got back to me really quickly, so thanks again for that info. very helpful. 🙂
  10. So I've sent two emails to the stated email address and followed up, but to date no reply 😞 Anywhere else I can try please?
  11. Duh!!! Of course . . . I keep forgetting that bit - thank you!!
  12. I've just bought the Tattoo effect brushes for Designer, both the Tattoo Art Brushes and the Stipple brushes which it says are for Designer. However, the Stipple brushes only seem to work in Photo? Is that right? Or is there some other way to get them into Designer?
  13. Am I allowed to use the intro images to the programs (one attached as an example) for a short course I am creating about using the affinity products? Happy to give any accreditation.
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