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  1. Crash reports are attached. Yes. Windows. @Ron P. I don't see what would lead to the assumption that this is the wrong forum. Thanks. AD.crashReports.7z
  2. I've encountered 2 files where when I try to copy layers that have live distortion applied, Designer hangs or crashes. Toggling hardware acceleration doesn't change things. Problem goes away if I delete the live filters from the layer being copied. File is private but I can send a copy if you want to test. Thanks.
  3. I format the text as a hyperlink, then add the actual link in a PDF editor. My current favorite is PDF-XCHANGE Breaks the workflow when iterating a design, but what can you do?
  4. Feature request for super useful function. Toggle: Filled Area of vector mask shows content/Filled area of vector mask hides content. Thx
  5. +1 Toggle: Filled Area of vector mask shows content/Filled area of vector mask hides content. Easy.
  6. I've been asking about this for years. Everytime I use Affinity Designer this frustrating oversight begs the question of how the devs don't fix this. With more than 30 years in of almost-daily CG production under my belt, I guess I can say that to the devs that this is incredibly unimpressive.
  7. The capability to merge points would certainly be useful and in some cases an order of magnitude more efficient when editing. It's a basic function.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I am aware of those options. But they are not helpful in this situation. There should be an option to hide all indicators of things being selected so that modifications are fully wysiwyg.
  9. Nasty. FWIW, I had a bad RAM module that caused a BSD. Took me weeks to figure out the problem...
  10. Is it possible to hide the layer bounding box when kerning or making other type adjustments using kbs? Obviously the spacebar can't be held down during this process. Thanks.
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