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  1. pixeldroid

    Layer (Layer)?

    Interesting. I like to have a parent object which has the specific purpose of maintaining a heirarchy. Thanks.
  2. In some of my AP files I have layers that are of the type (Layer). I don't see a way to make new layers of that type. Is that a legacy feature? Thanks.
  3. AP and AF crash when I try to load a panorama jpg from my phone. I can open it in my image viewers. Attached for testing. 20190829_152542.zip
  4. pixeldroid

    Large File Size of Almost Empty File

    So it's a bug. But FWIW, I'd rather leave it in there and put the dev time into the capability to persistently hide the bounding box and selection rectangle - i.e. hide until unhidden by the user. I find that to be very annoying everytime I use your software.
  5. pixeldroid

    Large File Size of Almost Empty File

    Yep. From 14.75 MB to 9k. That's a bit better. Thanks.
  6. pixeldroid

    Large File Size of Almost Empty File

    It has only happened w/this file. But I've avoided the same process. Something like this: Open a jpg. Add the color correction layers and a vector layer mask. Save as .afphoto. Move the mask back into an independent layer (so the image is no longer masked). Delete the image. Save.
  7. pixeldroid

    Large File Size of Almost Empty File

    I seldom use the snapshot functionality, so I probably hit a kbs by accident, unless it is auto-created when the file was opened. However, I've opened the snapshots panel, deleted the snapshot containing the background image, saved, closed and reopened the file, but the file size has not shrunk. Thanks.
  8. pixeldroid

    Large File Size of Almost Empty File

    Here you go. It is my guess that the photo is still in the file, but its layer is gone. I have used this method with other files and not encountered this problem. Thanks. 20190723_114605_front_cc.afphoto
  9. Not sure this is a bug, but I have a file that only has 3 layers: HSV, Curves, and a vector rectangle. So no pixels. The file is ~4k x 3k and about 13.75 MB. Sometimes I do this to store the settings for a file but not keep 2 copies of the image data (i.e. I can reimport the original image if I want to redo it). That seems large for a file which has so little data to store. Yes? No?
  10. Thanks for point that out! That's how I always did it in PShop. Note that locking is toggled by clicking the pencil icon - different UI than the lock icon Layers Panel. As a feature request: This is a common requirement so it would be nice to have this in the Layers Panel and also to be toggled via KBS.
  11. Please make this a toggle! I've mostly switched from AI to AD, but I have to say that everytime I use AD, I wonder how graphics programmers could not implement hiding the selection border - it is such a basic necessity when working in computer graphics.
  12. pixeldroid

    Missing Font List?

    Is there a suggested procedure to determine the names of missing fonts in a document? Thanks.
  13. My version of Acrobat does not have that listed in Page Display. However, I can't use anything that requires geekiness to render properly!
  14. In the attached pic, both at 100% in Adobe Reader v11.0.23, note the "l"s in the top screen grab. When I change the fonts to Arial or Calibri, this does not happen, so there is a workaround. Further testing: I changed an instance of Futura Light Condensed to the Adobe version of Futura Condensed, and I get the same results. I tested the same 2 fonts in Illustrator, and again I get the same results - the "l"s in both fonts, when exported as curves, are funky. The problem is much less pronounced in printing, though I can see it if I look for it... But that doesn't help for web distribution. Again, this is a minor issue, perhaps even outside of Affinity code. My number one wish for the Affinity products is hands-free capability to hide bounding boxes and pixel selection feedback. It is frustrating to have to deal with that. Thanks.