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  1. Yes, files have been tagged in Explorer (right click properties) and/or Windows Live Photo Gallery (used to review and amend hierarchical tags display in tree view). As described above, the subject field is being replaced with seemingly random Chinese characters and the tags field content is being truncated. Other fields remain intact. As the truncation limit seems large, a file with a small number of tags might not have a problem (but Explorer allows at least 4096 characters). --UPDATE/AMENDMENT-- I just did a quick test on a blank TIFF file, gave it bilingual Japanese/English Tit
  2. It seems to be: you can run an ICC swap macro against each image in a batch operation and it is very fast (multithreaded) and reliable, it's just that when you open a TIFF and save it again in Photo, the metadata tags get corrupted when they shouldn't. As noted in the edit, it is a file save bug only and nothing to do with batch processing after all.
  3. Accidentally posted this to Feedback subforum. Administration then moved it to MacOS. Seems I forgot to tag the OS type. Apologies. Currently exploring freeware/trial tools to see if one can act as a workaround (to swap out incorrectly embedded ICC profile for 3,000+ TIFF files without requiring them all to be individually retagged from scratch for subject/content/credits afterwards). Windows 10 Professional x64 20H2
  4. It looks like something got lost in editing, so the post ended up being moved to the wrong subforum. This bug report is for Windows 10 Pro x64 20H2, not MacOS.
  5. Photo CONTEXT Batch job attaching ICC profile to a folder full of TIFFs. Macro selected to assign ICC without conversion. Files overwritten in place (they were backed up safely before commencing). ADDITIONAL CONTEXT TIFF files have been tagged in Windows File Explorer, including: Title Subject Rating Tags Authors Date Taken Copyright Fields contain multilingual Unicode content (mostly Japanese and English, plus others). Hierarchical tags in "Tags" field has many tags of this type... category/subcategory/tag; 1000+ characters
  6. Yes, I will wait for them to fix it as I have plenty of things to go on with for now. I don't need to export Designer projects to TIFF immediately. I am using LAB color space to create vector images with very precisely specified colors that I want defined by absolute (LAB) values not ICC-relative RGB values. I have just seen Affinity Publisher crash attempting to open a LAB Adobe Illustrator file (it defaults to open *.AI files in Explorer, as it turns out, and I am converting some older *.AI files to *.AFDESIGN, so discovered this by accident yesterday). So all three Affinity apps seem aff
  7. Yes, I expect that is the case (even the export dialogs for both look the same). Photo crashes for me if I use it to try and export the same Designer files to TIFF, so it will likely be a problem in a shared library used by all three applications. I have no trouble exporting them as any other color space I've tried so far.
  8. I have a similar problem which may be related. Except I am attempting to export 16-bit Lab TIFF from Affinity Designer projects rather than open them in Photo. Basically, selecting Lab for export as TIFF immediately crashes the program for both Affinity Photo and Designer.
  9. When opening images that do not have assigned ICC profiles, I do not always see a warning that Affinity Photo has assigned the working space profile to the image. This has created a fair bit of confusion for me today, because I was trying to detach the ICC profile from an image using the Export function, but when I opened the exported image to check that this had succeeded, it was being presented to me as if it still had an embedded profile. (I actually wrote a bug report for the Export function having a broken ICC profile attachment option, but when I double checked reproducibility befo
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