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    Help: How to create macros

    An happily let you know that one helpful member contacted me, helping me in creating the macro I was after. Fantastic to receive that kind of help here!
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    Help: How to create macros

    Thanks, no need to try to bend it to do this then. Unfortunately I don't have the desktop version, but will survive.
  3. Hello! New member to the forums here and a few weeks old user of Affinity Photo for iPad. Still trying to get the hang of it and the official tutorials and searching the forum for answers as been a big help so far. Something I have not found how to do yet though, is how to create your own macros from within Affinity Photo for iPad. Have found several forum threads on how to import macros, but find no posts on how to create them. It would be great to have a simple macro to run, to create certain layers right from the start before going into retouching and editing, instead of having to do it manually each time. Best

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