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  1. I checked up on this topic and was happy to see some replies. I've used the pressure feature to try to emulate the control that the line width tool gives but am not satisfied. I think the main issue is that it is essentially creating another set of arbitrary nodes that are distributed along the line, but that cannot be seen directly or manipulated exactly where you want them. I think a graph is a clunky way to implement the feature of thickening a line. In Affinity it seems that if you want a part of a stroke thickened you need to estimate what precent along the stroke the area is, then go to the pressure graph and try raise a point at an equivalent precent distance along that graph. Why make it so hard? Sometimes I have a corner node I want thickened, not just before the node, or an estimate of almost the node. Problem compounds when paths have many nodes
  2. Every few months I return to Affinity Designer to try to make the switch. Will we ever get direct line width control at nodes that is available in Illustrator? The moment I run into a task that requires this, I have to ditch my switch. Some tasks seem impossible without it. The slider isn't cutting it.
  3. The precision of the Width Tool from Illustrator is absolutely necessary for pro level graphic design, as it allows you to make width adjustments precisely along a line. The graph view in Affinity Designer for varying stroke width is not precise enough no matter how many points are added to it. At this point, it is the only feature keeping me from switching, and I've already purchased the program.
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