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  1. As a newcomer to A.Photo, I'm trying to ease my way in by remapping the shortcuts, and it's been a fairly tedious task. I've already lodged a bug for the ability to clear but not set the DELETE key, but the whole experience is sub optimal. 1. The warning when you're using a similar keystroke is only slightly more helpful than simply telling me 'that key is in use'. It tells me what command is using it, but not where, and there are literally dozens of options, each with potentially dozens more sub options to hunt through. For someone unfamiliar with the software, trying to find that obscure command (is it a tool? Is it under Document, Layer or Edit or Arrange or etc etc). It would be super helpful if it had a button for 'clear other', and better still if it let me re-map that other command on the spot. As a simple solution, one more option to list all the conflicts would help resolve the issues once I'm done remapping one group or another, otherwise it's nigh impossible to remember all the things that need fixing. 2. The search function is basically useless. A search for 'zoom' doesn't bring up any keyboard shortcuts at all, but there's at least nine (under 'View' if you're wondering). 3. The window in which all this is performed is very tiny, and cannot be resized. It's a needless additional frustration, selecting one of thirty five dropdowns and then scrolling through the commands therein. The window could be adjustable, so the user can expand it to show every command at once. 4. The Undo command, under 'Edit', always shows the last command used, instead of simply 'Undo'. Until the user figures this out, it's misleading. For example, right now it says 'Undo document properties' but if I use the brush, next time I view the settings it says 'Undo Paint Brush Tool'. There's no need for this to change, is there? I've mocked it up: a larger window (the blue line shows the tiny original size) and a popup to resolve conflicts.
  2. carl: yeah, not really ideal. =/ haakoo: A good solution, but it requires I re-learn how zooming works for one app, which is for <reasons> stubbornly resistant to operating like everything else I've ever used. A smidge shy of perfect.
  3. Photo's random zoom levels make me crazy. I work with pixels, I work with multiple apps, I have muscle memory reflexes, and for a half dozen more reasons I strongly prefer integer zoom levels. While trying to compare an image with Photo and another app, one was 400% and one was 381.5%. I do not know how this is useful or desirable but I'd be very pleased if I could somehow force Photo to stick to 50/100/150/200/300/400% (etc) zoom levels. A checkbox in the config, a modifier to use with the mousewheel, something. Yes, I'm told ctrl + and ctrl - will do the trick, but these keys could literally not be farther from each other and are so inconvenient they have long ceased to be shortcuts.
  4. Because tracking down conflicting keystrokes is such an ordeal, I cleared all key commands only to find I could no longer delete things with the DELETE key. the DELETE keystroke can be cleared but not set, so whatever function it was connected to by default could not be reassigned.
  5. I've been looking for an answer to this question, which has been requested on these forums for five years. Like the OP, I discovered this about an hour after paying for the software. =/
  6. So in every graphics app I use, I can draw a selection (here called a marquee for reasons) and crop to it with a keystroke. That I can't do it here astounds me and totally breaks my flow, so I'd like to put my vote in for this 'feature'. Not that I expect anyone with this power is reading this thread, but still. Crop to selection, super simple stuff, and very handy. EDIT: Holy crap, this: "Because there is nothing inherently "wrong" with a destructive workflow".
  7. My friend, I am sure there are countless lengthy workarounds you can teach me, but I am suggesting a way to make it better.
  8. Hey user, <obscure function you've never heard of> is already using this key. Now what? Where is it? What does it do? There's no point of reference, there's no hint, there's -nothing- except a warning slash invitation to DIY. Somehow. I don't need or want to 'manage' hundreds of shortcuts. I need to manage ONE, and I don't know what or where it is. Thanks though, friend, for assuring me that 'most people' can do this, that makes me feel really good.
  9. Yes, but that only tells me a problem exists, it doesn't help me resolve it. There's seemingly hundreds of items in the keyboard config menu, spread around between six personas and thirty five sub sections, and the search function is a wee bit less than useful. When hovering over a warning icon, an option to 'clear others' could be offered, or better, the functions and their shortcuts could be listed, allowing me to clear them, or change them, without breaking away from what I'm doing. At the very least let me jump to that other one and take the interruption of the task at hand.
  10. I'd like to add a vote for this. I use GIMP for most of my editing currently, and I can assign the mousewheel just like a keystroke. My setup: Global brush size is CTRL-ALT-wheel, opacity is CTRL-SHIFT-wheel, ALT-wheel for layer selection, and then I can whip through a 7-layer frequency separation without ever taking my eyes off the work at hand. Even with only three modifier keys on Windows, that's 7 things I can adjust speedily with the same three keys and mousewheel.
  11. Neat to see this thread getting some attention two years after I wrote it. Thanks for all your suggestions. =) I just checked out Filter Forge (Thanks John Rostron). $80 (80% off - $400 normally!) is way too much to pay for one function, so that's sort of out. I suspect I'll just stick to GIMP for my frequency separation needs... Unless the macro recording functionality in Photo gets an update. =)
  12. I downloaded a 10-day (Windows) trial of Photo yesterday, so I assume it's the latest version. I'm trying to customize the key shortcuts to my preference, and I'm slowly getting my head around the weirdisms in there (like the UNDO which is always labeled "undo <last thing you did>" which is wildly misleading for a basic UNDO function...) Ahem, I digress. I cleared all the commands because finding a conflicting key is a massive PITA. But deleting all removes the DELETE key function, whatever or wherever it is. And I can't re-assign the DELETE key, pressing that key does not fill in the key binding. So, I guess, a bug? An oversight? So in summary: you can erase the delete key functionality with 'clear all shortcuts' but you can't re-apply the delete key to anything, so the only way to remove content is ^X, which obviously fills the clipboard when I may not want that. And if there's a 'delete' function which I could use a different key for, I can't find it. 1. Am I overlooking a way to re-assign DELETE? 2. Is there a DELETE function I can't find? 3. Feature request: maybe if I can't ADD delete, don't let me REMOVE it. =) 4. Feature request: if there's a conflict, help me RESOLVE it, don't just tell me I have more work to do and send me off searching for tiny text in a tiny window with 3,000 options...
  13. There's no mention of Apple in the store, and it's Affinity's decision to use the Apple store to sell to Windows and Australian users. I've been an Apple user and I am no longer, for several reasons. Barking up that tree is not what I'd consider a reasonable spend of my time. And this is why I bring the issue to the attention of the people I want to support with my hard earned money. Hopefully it influences their decision making in the future.
  14. Similar to this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29370-australian-discount-not-20-off-rrp-any-reason-why/?hl=pricing I went to buy Designer at the last minute of the discounted offer, but the price indicated (in Australian dollars) was much higher than it should have been. I assumed that I missed the sale price and so there was no reason to rush a purchase. After considering it a few more days I decided to take the plunge anyway, and ... Guys, what the hell? It's even more expensive now!? $79 AUD is $13 more than a direct dollar conversion. I thought I missed out on the discount, but this is just gouging Australian customers. I can't change the region to buy it somewhere else, and look, seriously, I'm very unhappy. I'm upset because this price gouging rubbish made me miss the discounted offer, I missed out on the extra content, and I'm upset because this wasn't made more clear, and that there's this gouging going on at all. I want to give you my money. Is there anything we can do?
  15. I don't often call my mechanic when the car works fine, and I don't call my designer when the website does everything I want. You contact these people when there are features you'd like to see in the product you want to use. I like Affinity's software, I like the way they run, mostly, but there are things they do that are weird, features that I think should be in there or work differently, and things that are bugs. We're not complaining and I think you're looking at this from a really weird perspective if you think we are. We're collaboratively attempting to build a better product.
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