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  1. I am sorry to complain and hope for a solution so I can feel happy about using Serif software but you orphaned the earlier versions touting the new product to be released and seeing such degraded behavior regarding the tabbing is really disconcerting. I'm an advocate for Serif as an alternative to Adobe. I am so grateful to have the option you provide but no professionals would consider this a serious alternative, not with this sort of workflow oversight. As others have said, this is clearly an oversight and I'd say it is neglectful. There ARE nice enhancements that I enjoy but people won't see those when such (sorry to say) glaring issues hit them in the face. I would rather pay double your price and have cleanly tested software.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I am not much of a designer. I don't see any reference Pantone in the Colors or Swatches palettes in either V1 or V2. The colors used (2) aren't listed at all in swatches.
  3. Attached screenshot shows same file, an EPS probably originating in Illustrator, opened in Affinity Designer 1 and 2. 2 is on the left, 1 on the right. File opened in V1 is true to the PNGs and PDFs that came with it. Opacity is 100%. I can't understand why V2 isn't showing true color. RGB, HSL values also are different.
  4. In all seriousness, you should simply be able to click and drag with the appropriate control keys and JUST DO IT. You can in Illustrator, why not Affinity Designer? I used to be able to do this in Affinity and it's not there anymore. I am really miffed about this.
  5. You can change the background to transparent and it does indeed to this but you can only save as .afdesign unless you export again which turns it back to white. I hate to say but this is really, really unfortunate.
  6. When copying and pasting text from Adobe apps into Affinity Desiger or directly into CMS such as WordPress -OR- when opening Illustrator files in Affinity Designer and later copy/pasting from there, there will be inserted into the text several odd characters some of which are PSEPs or paragraph separators. THESE CHARACTERS ARE NOT VISIBLE ON MAC OR IN FIREFOX ON WINDOWS. They definitely display in Chrom on Windows. Finding them can be very tricky and a lot of work. For Mac users particularly and maybe Windows users as well, I have found a way to at least spot and remove them. Most text editors will not display these except for Microsoft's VSCode (not the IDE just the text editor). If you paste into VSCode, you can see them although it isn't that easy particularly when you have long text strings. This took me a lot of sweat to discover and I thought I should share. This happens with me copying from Illustrator, Affinity Designer when file was originally created in Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat or Reader and then pasting into browser app such as WordPress.
  7. I'm a Mac user. I love Affinity Designer, Photo, and Publisher. Is there any chance of a full-service PDF creator that would create fillable forms, edit PDFs, embed fonts, etc., etc. For me, this what keeps me tied to the subscription model at Adobe and all the products I would rather be using Affinity for. With this hook that Adobe has in my work flow, the value of the three products you offer and that I love is rendered moot. I have looked into other PDf creators by other companies. The closest replacement for Acrobat would be PDF Element but it is pretty buggy and their support is non-existent. It's not even fully clear what company is really behind the app. It smells of piracy to me. Other apps I have found don't edit or create forms. I am hoping for salvation from Serif. :)
  8. I'll attach the file as an example but it happens all the time. I just started anew with a file set for web with px as unit, transparent background checked. Added content, exported as EPS with settings to be vector, rastorize nothing, don't use JPG compression... see attached. The results are nice except for the white background. Joachim, where do you change the background in Affinity Designer? I see that in creating new documents but not in editing documents. hoffLogoTest2.eps
  9. Using Affinity Designer, I'm trying to export an EPS with all vector and a transparent background. When I open the EPS I exported in Affinity Designer, there is a white background where it was transparent in the Designer file. I can change the document to transparent background but can't save the file, only export again. How do I create an EPS file to share with Illustrator users with transparent background (and all vector)?
  10. I Photoshop, when I save for web, similar to exporting in Affinity Photo, it strips the exif data from the file. Is there a way to set up Affinity Photo to do this automatically on export so I don't have to do that manually?
  11. Ok, must have been the mentioned 'node handles' issue Thanks so much for your replies. I get it to work now and have experimented on a variety of examples. I surely was (repeatedly) selecting node handles. If there are nodes in close enough proximity, this can be hard to avoid, although in some examples, the correct behavior can happen very easily. I think, if possible, when selecting multiple nodes, the node handles should behave in the same way. But thanks to your help, I know how to do this.
  12. Thank you Gabe. I have great hopes for Affinity products. Someday, I'll close PS for good.
  13. Is there a way in Affinity Photo to keep the Cropping grid inside the image? Also, is there a way to get Affinity Photo to remember dimensions or aspect ratio when cropping multiple times so I don't have to constantly reset all the settings? Thanks for your help.
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