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  1. I think you all misunderstood. And may be I'm in the wrong section. I was looking at a completely new program for adjusting my photographs (in Windows) and see people asking for features like the PS features, a program existing for over 3 decades, I had the idea : give them some time, and those features will appear. So, don't mind me, enjoy.
  2. Looking at all the requests I get the impression that no one is satisfied. I think it's a very good program, although there are some glitches, but why ask for premium if you don't want to pay for premium (PS).
  3. Is there a possibility to remove colour fringing and if, where do I find it?
  4. Hi there! I'm new and enthusiast. Yesterday I heard about this project and got my link. And started right away. Still working a lot with old negatives and slides I often use the correction clone tools in PS. There are also correction tools of this kind here, but: the healing brush requires cloning from nearby, and the blemish removal makes things worse instead of better, it puts blemish extra in (in the pictures I used). The PS quick retouch works with pixels from the surrounding part of the picture, so you sometimes can even "paint" away a scratch, with the tools provided here you need to re-locate step by step. I'll see where it leads, it already looks very nice
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