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  1. I've also tried ON1 Effects 2018 as a plugin without success so far - I'd be interested to see if anyone has got this to work in AP.
  2. Ludgateman

    Comprehensive image viewer program?

    Thanks for the warning - managed to download the correct version (more by luck than judgement) and have everything working fine, including displaying *.afphoto thumbnails. Awesome!
  3. Ludgateman

    Comprehensive image viewer program?

    Thanks for the recommendation - I've also downloaded Xnview for the thumbnail function, something I was looking for without success 'til now.
  4. Ludgateman

    Call for Camera Images

    Hi Mark I've added some samples from Fuji Finepix X100 (Raw & OOC jpg) Olympus EM5 Mk1 (Raw & OOC jpg) and Olympus EM1 Mk1 (Raw Only). Looking forward to finding out what the development work is for (Fingers crossed for a DAM!!) Dave
  5. Out of curiosity, I've dug out Version 3 of Knoll Light Factory, that was originally supplied with a Serif Photoplus bundle. Although it's installed, Affinity Photo doesn't recognise the plugin. Does anyone know if it's compatible with AP, and if so, how did you get it to work? (All my other plugins Like Nik Collection and Topaz Labs work fine) Thanks
  6. 15 years ago, on honeymoon I took a set of photos (no, not THAT sort of photo, behave yourselves!) as handheld shots of the sunset, with the thought that one day I'd turn them into a panorama shot. Now, all this time later, with AP's brilliant Panorama mode and Tone Mapping / HDR abilities, I've finally got the shot I imagined! Thanks Affinity Warwick Fiji Panorama HDR.tiff
  7. Ludgateman

    Photozoom Pro 6 & Affinity Photo

    Thank you Alfred, thats very helpful. Looks like it may be worthwhile, especially as it works as a plug-in.
  8. I've received an offer from Serif for Photozoom Pro 6, the dedicated enlargement software I previously used with Photoplus in various incarnations. Since moving to Affinity Photo, I've been very happy with the Enlarge Document function in AP - my question, does Photozoom Pro produce enlargements any better than AP can natively, or are elements of the Photozoom algorithms part of the AP process? I'd be interested if anyone has done any comparitive tests. Thanks chaps.
  9. I've had an mail from Serif offering AutoFX AutoMagic Ultimate Bundle at a reduced price - can anyone confirm if this software works as a plugin for Affinity Photo? Thanks
  10. Apologies if this topic has been raised before, but could a thumbnail be created to show in explorer windows, to give a clue as to the content of the file without having to open it fully? At present all my afphoto format files just display as the Affinity logo. I'm using Affinity Photo on a Windows 7 Ultimate machine with 18Gb of Ram.
  11. Personally I would prefer a quality printed book / manual to a PDF. PDF is fine as an accompaniment, but not as a sole source of info.
  12. Ludgateman

    Affinity Photo Public Beta - (Windows)

    Another build already! You guys are amazing. Thanks very much for your continued hard work :)
  13. I'm really enjoying trying out the Beta software - can't wait for the full release. While trying out the HDR functions, I wondered if it will be possible to create HDR images from a single RAW file, as in some other software? It's not a problem to generate 3 or 5 separate exposures from a single RAW, but it would be a time saver if Affinity Photo could automate the process, perhaps by selecting an exposure value (1/3 - 1/2 or 1 stop, say) to apply and generate "virtual " exposures which are then combined into the HDR image. Also ( getting greedy now :D ) will it be possible to download and install further HDR presets - perhaps other users could make their favourite settings available to share? I see the import / export function is already in place, with James' presets already installed. Thanks guys - keep up the great work.
  14. Ludgateman

    Panorama Problem?

    System: HP Elitebook 8560w 2047MB NVIDIA Quadro 1000M Intel Core i5 2540M @ 2.60GHz Windows 7 64 Bit 16GB DDR3 Ram Hi Thanks for what is promising to be a fantastic piece of software. I've been a long time user of Serif software from Pageplus 1.2 up to the current version of Photoplus, and I'm looking forward to the commercial release of Affinity Photo for Windows. I've been trying out the Panorama function in the Beta release, and am very impressed with the way it handles some shots I took 14 years ago, but never got around to stitching together - see the example attached. One function that did not work quite as well as demonstrated in the tutorial videos was the "inpaint missing areas" function. After several attempts with different source images, I have so far failed to replicate the effect demonstrated. Only a small matter, but every little helps ;) Thanks Again for all the fantastic effort you've put in, both in development and here on the forums
  15. Hi there. Just downloaded Photo Beta for Windows for trialling, and am very impressed so far. As a long term user of Serif software (back as far as Pageplus 1.2) I'm really keen to stay with Serif. The suggestions on the forum that there might also be a DAM at some point have got me unreasonably excited - I'm using Corel Aftershot Pro to develop my RAW files and catalogue / keyword my photo's at present, but I would happily defect to Serif if you could come up with something similar, but without Corel's annoying habit of deserting their existing users whenever they acquire something new. Here's hoping for more news soon? Cheers