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  1. I can confirm that Anthropics Software "Smart Photoeditor Studio" isn't working in AP 1.7 - no previous problems in 1.6 but now any attempt to use it as a plugin hangs AP, and I have to use task manager to exit. All other plugins (Akvis Sketch, Akvis Natureart, Corel Particleshop, Topaz Labs, Nik Collection) are working as in v1.6 Thanks
  2. Ok - I've located the XML file where my settings are recorded and made a copy, so I can quickly return to my preferred configuration in the event I get the same problem. Any idea what could cause the failure to load my settings in the first place though?
  3. I'm using AP, and have never had any problems with the software, but recently I've been getting occasional startup failures, where I receive the error message "could not load your settings - some settings may be incorrect". AP then loads in a minimised window, with the splash screen displayed (though I normally have it switched off). Both of these I can live with, but the most annoying effect is that all my plugins vanish from the Filters>Plugins menu, and have to be re-set. Has anyone else experienced this behaviour? I'm assuming there's an *.ini file somewhere that isn't being read correctly. Does anyone have a workaround for this so I don't have to remember and re-load all my plugins every time this happens? Many thanks
  4. I've also tried ON1 Effects 2018 as a plugin without success so far - I'd be interested to see if anyone has got this to work in AP.
  5. Thanks for the warning - managed to download the correct version (more by luck than judgement) and have everything working fine, including displaying *.afphoto thumbnails. Awesome!
  6. Thanks for the recommendation - I've also downloaded Xnview for the thumbnail function, something I was looking for without success 'til now.
  7. Hi Mark I've added some samples from Fuji Finepix X100 (Raw & OOC jpg) Olympus EM5 Mk1 (Raw & OOC jpg) and Olympus EM1 Mk1 (Raw Only). Looking forward to finding out what the development work is for (Fingers crossed for a DAM!!) Dave
  8. Out of curiosity, I've dug out Version 3 of Knoll Light Factory, that was originally supplied with a Serif Photoplus bundle. Although it's installed, Affinity Photo doesn't recognise the plugin. Does anyone know if it's compatible with AP, and if so, how did you get it to work? (All my other plugins Like Nik Collection and Topaz Labs work fine) Thanks
  9. 15 years ago, on honeymoon I took a set of photos (no, not THAT sort of photo, behave yourselves!) as handheld shots of the sunset, with the thought that one day I'd turn them into a panorama shot. Now, all this time later, with AP's brilliant Panorama mode and Tone Mapping / HDR abilities, I've finally got the shot I imagined! Thanks Affinity Warwick Fiji Panorama HDR.tiff
  10. Thank you Alfred, thats very helpful. Looks like it may be worthwhile, especially as it works as a plug-in.
  11. I've received an offer from Serif for Photozoom Pro 6, the dedicated enlargement software I previously used with Photoplus in various incarnations. Since moving to Affinity Photo, I've been very happy with the Enlarge Document function in AP - my question, does Photozoom Pro produce enlargements any better than AP can natively, or are elements of the Photozoom algorithms part of the AP process? I'd be interested if anyone has done any comparitive tests. Thanks chaps.
  12. I've had an mail from Serif offering AutoFX AutoMagic Ultimate Bundle at a reduced price - can anyone confirm if this software works as a plugin for Affinity Photo? Thanks
  13. Apologies if this topic has been raised before, but could a thumbnail be created to show in explorer windows, to give a clue as to the content of the file without having to open it fully? At present all my afphoto format files just display as the Affinity logo. I'm using Affinity Photo on a Windows 7 Ultimate machine with 18Gb of Ram.
  14. Personally I would prefer a quality printed book / manual to a PDF. PDF is fine as an accompaniment, but not as a sole source of info.
  15. Another build already! You guys are amazing. Thanks very much for your continued hard work :)
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