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  1. Hi Walt, Oh no, I can't believe I missed that! Yes, I'd forgotten to select the move tool. Doh....... Many thanks, Stuart
  2. Hi Carl, Thanks for your reply. OK, I've made a new file using the same method (I was already using Save with History) and also a screenshot of the file before I closed it. In the screenshot you can see that the second image is still editable, but if you open the AfPhoto file you'll find neither image can be adjusted. Or at least, I find that. Test_file.afphoto
  3. I'm creating an overview image for a portfolio of photos. I'm making it by creating a new empty file, then placing the portfolio of 10 images onto it using File / Place. Each one appears on a new layer. Whilst the Overview file remains open, I can resize my Placed files, replace them, move them around over the new file, etc. It remains that way after I've saved the new file. However if I close it and open it again, the layers are then no longer editable, although I can switch them on and off, and delete them. If I delete one and then create it again, that layer's Placed file is again editable, but none of the others are. Why does this happen? Can I make it so that my placed images can be adjusted after closing the Overview file?
  4. OK. I'm ready now, but I don't suppose that counts I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
  5. Great, thanks. My computer has started bringing up the beta by default since I installed it, so rather than change that I'll keep using the beta. Do you know roughly when the retail version will be released?
  6. I see now that when files created in 1.6 are opened in the beta, it gives a warning that if modified they might no longer be able to be opened in 1.6. Does this mean there's a risk that they also possibly won't be able to be opened in the production version of 1.7 when it is released?
  7. I downloaded 1.7 only to find it's a mac file. Is there a Windows version?
  8. I'm using Photo, and following @DanC's advice soved the problem. Thanks!
  9. Recently my Windows Affinity has been refusing to close, I need to use Task Manager to make it quit. When I try to close it, even if I haven't loaded any file in that session, it says "Quitting: At least one file is currently being opened. Please wait for files to load before quitting the application". Can anyone please tell me how to stop it doing this? Thanks.
  10. Is there any progress on this issue? It's not difficult to work around, but it is a bit tedious given the excellence of the rest of Affinity.
  11. Hi Dan, I apologise, I must have only looked at RAW images in Affinity but had looked at a partner JPG in the viewer programs (I had my M1 set to only record in RAW but the M5 to record in both). I've opened the M5's JPG in Affinity now and the histogram is correct. Stuart
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