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  1. Bug in Affinity Photo 1.7.1 Mac Problem In the Develop Module under the Toolbar Before/After with the 3 icons: When the far right icon (Swap) is pressed, the Before and After images are swapped, which is correct. However, notice that the written designations for After/Before on the bottom of each image do not change, but remain as After/Before (rather than Before/After, which is the swapped image). Request That the Swapped icon, when pressed, reflect the correct Before and After image, as well as the written designations on the bottom. WeiPhotoArts
  2. To RCR, I neglected to thank you for your clear, to-the-point explanation (that worked) to make my AP Beta 1.7 work. Thank you. Wei Chong
  3. I've been using Affinity Photo 1.6.7. I now am trying to use AP Beta 1.7 (Mac). However, it requires a product key. I don't know how to retrieve/find my product key. I tried to go to the Affinity Site, but it doesn't even have my purchase of Affinity Photo (probably because I bought it from the Apple App Store). Both apps are in the same directory, and they used to work when in my main MacBook Pro Apps directory. But I moved them, so the Beta requires a Product Key. How can I get my Product Key? (I certainly can't purchase the Beta from the App store...) Wei Chong
  4. I agree with RCR's suggestion. And being able to order the presets would be a boon; why should we be stuck with the original order we put things?
  5. I wholeheartedly agree. I use Gradient Maps, and the default is this garish red-green-blue, which I (nor anyone else) never use. I support the option that users should be able to set their own defaults for adjustments--and they would be able to RESET them in preferences, if they deleted or replaced a former default. Also, users should also be able to change the positions of the presets, so if I want my B&W gradient map to be first in line (MY default), I should be able to, rather than have the order in which I added the preset. The order is a pain to use. BTW, I use the Apple version of Affinity Photo.
  6. Thank you for these 2 tutorials, dhayton. I've added the gradient maps (including the touch of opacity reduction) to my collection. It is very useful to have such a collection, as one can easily add the color to see the effect on the B&W image.
  7. WeiPhotoArts

    Gradient Pack - uiGradient.com

    Worked like a charm. Thanks! Didn't realize there were well over 300 gradients to choose from. I appreciate how much work you did to create these. Thanks again for sharing.
  8. WeiPhotoArts

    Gradient Pack - uiGradient.com

    I downloaded the zip file, and unzipped it, with the result of a file uiGradients.com.afpalette. I tried to drop it into Affinity Photo, but AP said it wasn't an AP file. I tried to open it, with the same result. Could you walk us through how to read it into Affinity Photo and use it? Thanks in advance.
  9. DHayton: two great videos on how to create Gradient Maps for certain monochrome looks. Thanks.
  10. WeiPhotoArts

    38 Gradient Maps for Color Grading

    My bad. Thanks PaulEC. Re-did my workflow and opened them in Library. Worked like a charm. Wei
  11. WeiPhotoArts

    38 Gradient Maps for Color Grading

    Just learning to use Gradient Maps for Toning. So I found these Toning Maps today and downloaded them. After I unzipped them, I went to Affinity Photo 1.6.7 and tried to download them from the MACRO tab, just like I had in other macros. However, both of the macros in the zip file were blurred out, so I couldn't download them. Any suggestions? I have an older (mid-2009) Mac Book Pro running macOS 10.11.6 (El Cap). What may I be doing wrong? Everyone else seems to have no problem. Wei Here's what I unzipped: Photographic Toning Gradients - reduced.afmacros Photographic Toning Gradients.afmacros
  12. It might be easier to read in this pdf: dmstraker-Forum-Note-20180516.pdf
  13. Hi dmstraker, I’ve been intrigued with luminosity masks as applied with Blend Ranges in Affinity Photo. I’ve had some discussions with smadell before locating your work recently on these Forums. Thank you for sharing your findings and macros. The curves you provide, including the multiple additions of the 5-curves, were a good addition. Your 5-Stage Curve Previews macros have been most helpful to me. I noticed that the previews are like the Toggle Quick Mask in the Toolbar, using White as Mask. But as I went from Blacks to Shadows to Mid-tones to Highlights and finally Whites, I found by the time I got to Whites I could not see any of the selected pixels. My screen was completely white. There are pixels selected, but what I needed was the Quick Mask Black as Mask. To better illustrate this, I’ve included a screen grab first from Highlights, then Whites. Finally I show the screen grab from Whites as viewed from Black as Mask. Here are screen grabs from Highlight and Whites from a your macros, followed by pictures from Whites, in Black as Mask mode (which I obtained from the Hack below): [Highlights-Preview-dmstraker.jpg] Screen Grab Highlights Preview [Whites-Preview-dmstraker.jpg] Screen Grab Whites Preview (yes, it’s all white) [untitled-.jpg] Screen Grab Whites (Black as Mask) from Toggle Quickmask My Hack, or workaround, was to go to /Select/Selection from Layer/ [Shift-Cmnd-O] and then select the Toggle Quick Mask from the Toolbar, and finally pick Black as Mask from the drop down. In general I’ve found that when viewing the lighter luminosity masks, Black as Mask works better, and with the darker luminosity masks, White as Mask works better. I’ve played with the macros to create the “semi-macro” Hack: Set Blend Ranges Selection from Layer ...and only then, after the macro finishes, manually picking Toggle Quick Mask...manually having to select the correct mask (Black as Mask, White as Mask, or any other that best shows the pixels selected by the luminosity mask). Might you have a better way to do this? Or to program the macros so that the “lighter” macros have Dark as Mask, while the “darker” macros have Light as mask? Wei Chong / WeiPhotoArts
  14. Is Affinity listening to us? Will they put out a dashboard for 2018 for DAM? With the past 2 months since the last post, it's getting discouraging.
  15. WeiPhotoArts

    Affinity Photo DAM

    We all are impatiently waiting. Just a dashboard of what we can expect in 2018 must be provided. I say 2018, because your competition has drawn a line in the sand. Affinity's progress in the last 18 months (or more) has been very slow in providing the same superb, front-of-the-line technology when it started with 1.0. We will pay for 2.x, but it has to come soon, and with many more front-leading features. Not just marginal features and fixes. You're probably working your behinds off. But is there a possibility of more resources? Your competition just increased their resources by 50%+ in the last 6 months. Pls send this to your management, if they are not seeing the elephant in your room.