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  1. @Wikinger Merci beaucoup pour la suggestion. Je n'avais ni vu/lu cet post ni pensé des équations. C'est très intéressant. Je vais les essayer. @firstdefence I have to confess, I was impressed with the falling text. Now I just need to figure out a use for it. Thanks again, Darin
  2. Thanks all for the suggestions. I was out of town for a couple days, so I've been slow to reply. @carl123 I haven't played around much yet with equations. This could be a good learning opportunity (or a chance to bang my head on a wall). Do you have any suggestions/guidance? @firstdefence Thanks for the videos. The first one is the way I imagined making this work. I was hoping for a quicker solution, but for this case it's not too bad. I'll keep you posted. Best, Darin
  3. Is there a way (directly or as a not-horribly-time-comsuming-warp-each-single-letter work around) to keep text on a curved path upright? Or is there a better tool than "text on a path"? What I want to do is create an undulating path and have text follow it, but I want all the letters to remain upright/vertical. A perfect example is the "Daughters of the American Revolution" in the image I've attached. I have both Designer and Photo, so I can use either/both to solve this problem. I've searched the forums and found a couple old posts that suggest a) there isn't or b) such a feature might be coming at some later date. Any suggestions/advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Darin
  4. I am trying to auto align a set of photos (handheld) and it doesn't seem to work properly. The very center of the photos align, but out from there everything gets increasingly out of alignment. I've attached the four jpg files (exported from Lightroom). I want to align them and use the medium blend mode to get rid of the people. So I choose "New Stack…" and add the four photos. I choose "Automatically Align Images" and choose "Perspective". The center tall windows are ok, but everything towards the edges is increasingly out of alignment (see final image). Any suggestions/advice are most appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi Chris_K, I will check. As I recall, I reduced the opacity on one or two of the layers—certainly the High Pass layer and possibly the color dodge/burn layer. Is there a way to avoid this? Or to make it go away once it has appeared? Thanks again for your help. Darin
  6. At some point in editing this photo, a grid pattern appeared. It is most visible in the sky. It exports with jpg and tiff file types (I assume it will be there on all file types). Any thoughts what's causing this? I've posed a screen shot of my editing window so you can see what sorts of adjustments I have made. I don't recall at what point it appeared. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Darin
  7. Sorry, I should have started a new thread. That's what I did. Best, Darin
  8. On a foggy, predawn hike the other day I came across this tree. It seemed to call out for a photo.
  9. Thanks. I was really lucky with the sunrise and the sky.
  10. I’ve recently returned from a long road trip across the U.S. and back and have just begun processing photos. Here’s one of from early in the trip out, of West Mitten in Monument Valley (AZ). I’m interested to see how some of the panoramas come out. More as I get through them.
  11. You're right, sunset would be better (sunrise from the top of this particular mountain isn't all that great) provided the Southern California haze didn't overwhelm the image. But this particular hike wasn't built around taking a photo. I had a few free hours to get in a nice hike. Precisely because the images were uninspiring, I experimented with more processing.
  12. FYI, this question has to do with AP: Looking at a recent image, I noticed some faint banding that was visible when I applied a color gradient (maybe it was there in the B&W version, but I couldn't see it). See the darker of these two images: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/20687-photos-from-a-mountaintop/(FWIW, I see the banding on my non-retina, late 2013 iMac; I haven't checked on other machines). Searching the forums I came across a comment about the "Dither Gradients" preference and the different effects if you are working in 8-bit or 16-bit (see MEB's comments in this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/13742-unwanted-noise-in-gradients). So, my question: If I'm working in 16-bit, is it better to leave "Dither Gradients" preference checked? Or unchecked? Thanks, Darin
  13. Alfred, thanks for the kind words. I keep experimenting. Best, Darin
  14. I was experimenting with gradient maps and gradient fill overlays. Two different results.
  15. While actions would be nice, I appreciate that they might not be easy to implement. What about a scripting dictionary, so I could write AppleScripts to accomplish a variety of common but time-consuming tasks?
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