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  1. Jangbu

    Moon Mandala

    Thanks Kasper. It was a fortuitous bit of whimsy.
  2. Jangbu

    Moon Mandala

    Captured and colorized an image of the nearly full moon, then used the mirror effect to convert the moon into a mandala.
  3. My girlfriend recently published a book. Imagine my surprise when I observed the pre-dawn sky and saw this. The marketing dept. at Timber Press have outdone themselves!
  4. Jangbu


    Must be his cousin.
  5. Composite of six exposures of the recent total lunar eclipse viewed from Connecticut, USA. Exposures ranged from ISO100, f13, 1/200sec for the full moon before onset of the eclipse to ISO400, f6.3, 3sec for the total eclipse. Baby, it was cold outside (-18F wind chill). I've just about thawed out though.
  6. Jangbu


    Right you are, John.
  7. Jangbu


    Composite of 2 photos taken many months apart.
  8. The D7500 has full system support in the Mac High Sierra OS. If you select the Apple Raw engine option while using Affinity Photo, processing your NEF files shouldn't be a problem.
  9. Jangbu

    Osprey in B&W

    Perhaps, but I'd rather you sang "Far, far away."
  10. Jangbu

    Osprey in B&W

    Thanks Peter. Perhaps we should start our own mint.
  11. Jangbu

    Osprey in B&W

    Thank you Rob.
  12. Jangbu

    Osprey in B&W

    Thanks Dwight.
  13. Jangbu

    Osprey in B&W

    Thank you, laisyleeola.
  14. I seldom use B&W for nature photos, but, in this case, like the result. After receiving a tip that a pair of nesting ospreys had taken up residence atop a telephone pole beside a busy local highway, I managed to capture a few images. After conversion to B&W, I adjusted the individual tone curves to blacken the blue sky and produce a range of grey tones. Applied a bit of contrast and sharpening for the final result.
  15. Jangbu

    Affinity Photo as a trusted developer

    Glad I could help.

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