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  1. Glad I could help.
  2. If you are using the Mac OS, this might help: 1. Highlight the AP file with a single click. 2. From the menu bar in the Finder choose file>get info. 3. Scroll down the info panel to the section that says "Open with:" A pull-down menu should allow you to choose AP. 4. The panel then gives the option to use this application to open all documents "like this one." Click the "change all" button.
  3. Please ply them with treats daily (I'll start a collection if necessary) and keep them happy. I'm very much looking forward to their work product!
  4. If you purchase an ITunes gift card at a local shop, you should be able to use it to purchase AP from the App Store.
  5. Thanks Garry. An author friend under contract to write a book about garden features wanted an overall view of the structure of this parterre for reference. I'll return in the spring to duplicate the panorama when the gardens are fully planted and blooming. Here are the 3 original photos.
  6. Alas, the growing season is over, but the panorama persona nicely stitched three raw frames taken hand-held while standing on a park bench @ Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, CT. Straightened some verticals (18mm wide angle lens) and did some minor tone work and sharpening.
  7. Stunning work (all around).
  8. Lovely capture!
  9. Thanks for your kind words Jer.
  10. Thank you Greets Dieter.
  11. Used selection brush to select dragonfly together with foreground flower. Applied slight curves & clarity adjustments. Inverted selection and applied curves & gaussian blur (to tame graininess) adjustments to background.
  12. Many thanks Zevram.
  13. Thank you Aeros4.
  14. Thank you Charlychuck.
  15. Thanks Kodiak.