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  1. Thank you Madame! As usual I was trying to make it ,ore complicated than need be.
  2. Newbie question, Is it possible to change the color of transparent background from the checkered grey to another color? When working with white fonts its difficult to see. Oh and another thing, how to select all the text on a background to change its color?
  3. Can someone please give me a step by step to add NIK plugins, Ive downloaded but can not load install.
  4. You're correct loading photo in a couple of other apps that read exif data the exposure mode is 3, which is aperture so not sure what the deal is with AP. Not a big deal just purchased AP and having a lot of fun learning my way around.
  5. Thanks Keith, I suspected that was the case. Guess I can add detail in comments.
  6. Noticed all my photos shot in aperture or shutter modes say "auto exposure" but my photos shot in manual code are correctly listed as manual exposure. My nikon D90 is on the list of supported cameras and I have the latest firmware installed any ideas as to why and can I do anything to correct it?
  7. Just downloaded Affinity and opened raw file shot on a nikon D90. Looking at exif data it shows exposure program as auto exposure when camera was in aperture mode. Can this be corrected?
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