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  1. Anyone who is using a 2018 iPad, notice any cons using it with Affinity Photo, compared to an iPad Pro? Affinity Photo editing on my iPad ( currently an iPad Pro) is the only reason I bought my last Pro. Otherwise, it is overkill, I don’t care about the nice features the Pros offer over the regular iPads. I just love the iPad for what it basically does. I could keep up with current versions at the cost of iPads vs what the Pros cost. Course I don’t need a new one with the next release but one year soon I will, I’m a Planner, lol.
  2. I got the Mac version back in Dec 2015 and liked it. I got the iPad version in June 2017 and love it. Recently I ordered an Apple Lightning to USB adapter. Yesterday I imported some Raw photos I had taken with my Canon 5d mark iii camera, to my iPad Pro. I was so pleased at how fast they imported into the ipad’s Photos App and then I opened them into AP. They came into the AP’s Develop Module and I edited them with my Apple Pencil. I am very happy with this process.
  3. I am confused. I have the latest update to AP on my MBP running the latest High Sierra update. I had turned off the Welcome screen in AP long ago but when I try to turn it back on for these free add on's, I select Help and dont see Welcome anywhere, I searched for Welcome Screen in the Help topics and it says No Results. Where do I go from here?
  4. I don’t use a camera connection kit I use a usb connection to load from my camera to my MBP which loads them into Photos. This has always allowed me to import Raw photos into AP for iPad app until the latest updates to both AP and IOS. I have Plenty of storage on both my MBP and my iPad Pro. With any of that have to do with the black patch in left corner issue that is now this morning.
  5. I show plus IOS 11.0.2 on iPP 12.9 gen 2
  6. These raw photos were uploaded from my canon 5d mark iii via usb to my MBP. They auto load into the Photos app. I then can see them in the Photos app on the iPad as Raw and when I try to import from Photos on AP iPad version, they are showing as Raw in the thumbnails. If I export these Raw pics to my Mac Finder, yes they show a .cr2 ext but I have only before seen the RAW word shown on the iPad. I have been using this method since the first week you released the software (after your first updates that allowed this to work). And as I said above, this morning they are opening in the Raw Develop module. Just still with an issue of the upper left corner. This is all after the IOS 11 update.
  7. Well, this morning, the pics are opening in Raw. However, they are now opening with a blank black patch in upper left corner. Attached is one that I edited, developed and saved to Photos App hoping the black patch disappeared upon developing. It didn’t.
  8. Ok, I uploaded a raw file to that link. All of my photos waiting to be edited are raw files, I don’t have any taken as Raw + JPEG.
  9. Yes, I forgot to mention, when I choose Load from Photos, the photos I just imported from camera show as Raw thumbnails but open as jpegs to edit.
  10. I have been using the latest version of AP since the last update with no problems. Updated my iPad Pro 2017 12.9” to IOS 11, have had no issues with that until I tried to edit pics this morning in AP. Took photos yesterday with my Canon 5d Mark III camera. I shoot Raw and pics taken previously have been loading from Photos app into the Develop module of AP. These latest pics are all loading as JPEGs onto the Photo module BUT are still showing 24-25 mb size. Am I supposed to do something different now with IIS 11 to get them to load into the Develop module?
  11. I had issue with my Raw photos, taken with my Canon 5D Mark III, imported into my MBP's Apple Photos, opening in AP for iPad even after the 1.6.3 update. All I got was a "Loading from Photos" msg forever. Asked about it on this forum with no answers. So, I deleted the App reinstalled it, kept trying that w/no success, until 3rd time. Wala, success, a Raw photo loaded and even Develop Persona showed up. I was one happy camper. Even tho after editing/exporting/sharing/save image, the jpeg is 31 mb. Then my 2 week old 12.9" iPad Pro began issues with its backup to iCloud. As in, it would not. Apple CS did all they could, ran diagnostics (no issues w/ipp found). So advised me to Reset/Erase All Settings and setup as a new iPad, initially I had setup this new iPad up with the last backup from iCloud of my previous iPad. If that didn't work, an Apple Store/Genius Bar visit was required. So, I was lucky, that procedure is now allowing backup to iCloud to work. BUT, that of course, caused me to have to download from my Purchased Apps, Affinity Photo for iPad AGAIN. I am now back to my original issue of raw photos not loading. I have tried the delete app/reinstall four times now with no success this time. So, for now, AP for iPad, is shelved. I will try it again after each update it gets, hoping for use in the future. The few days I was able to use it, along with my Apple Pencil, I loved it, even more than editing in AP on my MBP. This post is nothing more than a vent so feel free to ignore it. So long til later, I hope!
  12. Here's the only way it works for me. I have to create the Album in Apple Photos. Export option in Affinity Photo>Share>Save Image saves to Apple Photos. I then have to move the photo in Apple Photos to the folder I desire. It will then show in AP in this folder.
  13. I also have the Gen 2 12.9" 256gb Pro. After 1.6.3 allowed opening raw in Import from Photos, that task did not work at all for me, I could open jpegs and edit no problems. I had to delete the App THREE TIMES, reinstall, third install, everything works great so far. It might be worth a try.....unless your freezing/catching up issue is a known bug.
  14. I mostly take photos of my dogs. I get these pet eyes alot. I do have an external speedlight on my camera to bounce the flash off the ceiling but sometimes it is better if I use normally and then correct them with AP. There are several ways to do this, but I have chosen this simple method: I blow up the photo to see the eyes well Make sure Background Layer is selected Choose Paint Brush Tool Turn opacity down, I usually use around 77%, hardness to -0- Adjust brush size down to around 10 Pick a Color, I adjust that to be a brown Begin to paint just the area that is the wrong color with mouse You may have to put that pinpoint of light back in, if so adjust brush size and change color to white PS - this is even easier to do on the ipad using a Pencil
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