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  1. Maybe I’m having a brain-fart. Probably, but where did the delete option go? Thx.
  2. Too bad. Although I have figured out my workflow I can't help to think my productivity, and learning curve would have been greatly reduced had their been associated literature to accompany what is otherwise a terrific app. Before anyone points out the Affinity Photo Help which is available in the app --> it's rendered useless since you can't actually navigate and access the help section whilst developing an image. Extremely poor UX Affinity. I realize porting this content and making it available online would be time-consuming, but....here's hoping for a better solution anyway.
  3. @Street2Stream @DM1 I've given up with the MyCloud app, and the WD HD. I just bought a new 15" MBP w/ a terabyte drive (as much as I was trying to avoid it). I'm planning on purchasing Affinity for my MBP, and will use the iPad Pro for separate editing. The iPad and the application eco-system isn't quite there yet. At least Adobe and their unlike-cloud applications (ASP) are out of my life.
  4. Anyone else experience the spinning whirling dervish after attempting to save a file to the start-up screen? I got into the process of doing this because it was irritating to have affinity crash in the midst of editing a photo. Now, for the last several weeks, most files take forever to save, and many never commit...frustrated (after 15 minutes or so) I usually kill the Affinity app and start over, hoping that the next time the file will save so that I can go back in to complete my edits. Really quite frustrating.... I have a brand new iPad Pro and it is fast. I have no other issues except for Affinity which ironically is the most expensive app that I own.
  5. When attempting to use the Undo Brush Tool I receive a message indicating that I must select a history snapshot before trying to undo. How do I do that? Thanks
  6. That’s unfortunate. The current implementation of these (great) help files render them useless, for the most part, because of the user hostile implementation. I hope this gets reconsidered.
  7. Cheers, Callum. No doubt this will help, but they are different applications. Do you know if there are similar plans for the iPad app? Thanks.
  8. What would be of great value is to have the documentation that is found by clicking the ? in the landing page of AF. This is really a terrific resource, but it is a nuisance to have to exit out of an editing session and then navigate back to the landing page to make a query and search the documentation. Rinse, Repeat & Recycle. Is it possible to have this content published into a document or better: port the content and make it available online? Thoughts?
  9. ^ Thanks for confirming what I thought wasn’t baked into the product. It seems like an oversight to not be able to save RAW adjustments.
  10. How does one save their RAW adjustments (in the development persona) prior to compiling it into the photo persona? In other words I’d like to save my adjustments and updates to a RAW file i.e. lens distortion, detail refinement and noise reduction et al to a file so that if I require to return to that RAW file to make further adjustments I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This scenario also applies to photo’s that were taken at the same time and require the identical processing.
  11. The price is extremely reasonable (even without the discounted price). I opted to take advantage of the sale price by purchasing the app prior to receiving my iPad. YMMV. FWIW, thanks for creating such a great piece of software.
  12. Hey S2S, I have the identical setup, and also shoot street. You’re not missing anything. Affinity will not tether to the my MyCloud app to import, but it can export files. This is what I had to do do: - Insert SD into autodown load slot on MPP - Transfer files from MPP to iCloud (using my MBP) - Import into Affinity (via iCloud) - Export completed file to MPP (by Export>*Share>Copy to MyCloud *Share is in the bottom left hand corner. ...I’m still figuring out workflow, but as of yet it’s not exactly smooth. What I don’t get is when saving to iPhoto you need to save the file as photo-sharing. Something I don’t need to do.
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