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  1. I believe that the Fuji has a different pixel format and LR can’t handle it. How does Cap One go as a DAM. I am trying to get away from cloud base and use my own drives but I also work between iPad and Mac so would like some form of sync for workflow.
  2. Thanks Jowday, I had looked at Cap1 but as I also have canon gear I was led to believe it only works with Fiji files. Can you pls confirm?
  3. Just wondering what is happening to the development of Digital Asset management for Photo. Have been waiting for ever for it as without it, photo becomes less and less attractive as far as workflow and photo retrieval is concerned. As I have switched from canon to Fuji, LR is less an option so clearly need a change. Anyone heard what is happening here?
  4. I have an M50 and when I attempt to import to my iPad Pro via the lightening card reader, all I see are the video files. I have tried shooting in both the CR and CR3 Formats Any help here would be appreciated
  5. Hey F1gur47v31y_5p34k1ng, belated thanks for your response. I have tried it out, and yes it works but it’s clunky..... not to mention the unnecessary data use on the way through iCloud. Because of this I’m still using LR as I can do all this seamlessly. Downside is the ongoing cost of a subscription. Am hoping that Affinity will work out that they need cater to every platform.....can’t be that difficult
  6. I have just acquired an IPad Pro and have hoped to use this as my primary editing device. As most of what I do is along the lines of "Street" there is little that Affinity Photo cannot achieve on the IPad app. That said, I shoot in RAW and would like to store my photos on either my WD NAS system or preferably on my WD My Passport Pro. A typical workflow would be to Download to the MPP using the auto download slot then import the raw file to affinit. On export I would like to export directly to my MPP so that all of my work is available from there. Clearly I would retain the originals on the SDD Card and I have a backup system to my NAS system which I usually access when I am at home As far as I can tell Affinity will not allow me to add the MyCloud app to locations which is central to this issue... Am I missing something here?
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