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  1. Thank you Photo Newbie! This achieved what I wanted. I will eventually read through the rest of the posts on this topic as I've saved it to Pocket! But thanks.
  2. HI and thanks so much you are a life saver! When I did that it was ticked but it then appeared as a separate box that I could move back to it's proper position. Hooray! Thanks so much again. :) :)
  3. I had already opened this, edited it, saved it and I must have done something that means that now, when I open it, the Basic panel is missing. I can't see what to do to get it back. I've attached a snapshot of what the panels area looks like. Hope this helps. Hoping someone can advise me on what to do! Many thanks Carol
  4. Hi, I have looked in the Help and searched the Forum here but can't find out if Affinity Photo allows you to create a text signature (for example) and save it as a file for reuse on other photos. I have found out that I can import a file and place it onto a photo which is useful but I'd like to create that file in Affinity Photo, as I have the software. Otherwise, has anyone got a recommendation for software to create an eps file (I'm not sure what other files work but I tried with an eps file already on my computer and it worked). Many thanks! Carol