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  1. Hi guys, Just got Affinity Photo for my iPad Pro as well as for my iMac. I have yet to try the iMac, however, I am testing the iPad app out with some photos that I shot last weekend. I'm working with an older camera model, Canon T2i, Raw Photos, imported with Apple Camera Connector straight into Photos. I then have imported the photos into Affinity Photo using a few different methods, one was a panorama, the other was an HDR of just one set of three images. On the panorama, (7 images) it made the pano, was reasonably fluid (it would be cool to have a progress bar during the making of the panorama, instead of just a spinning wheel, but it worked) Anyways, when I got into modifying the Panorama, I made some adjustments, cropped the image, started attempting to work with the photo and the app closed. When I reopened, it had no auto save, so I did not try again. I did however, move onto the HDR and begin messing with the HDR settings, I was able to select the photos (would be nice on the HDR / Panorama if multiple selection was on by default, instead of having to select the image, realize it was a single selection, then go back, select multiple images and move on), import the photos, have it merge the photos, apply the HDR settings, go into develop mode and begin modifying settings. However, when I began modifying settings, the app would pause randomly and the screen would freeze. After about 15-30 seconds, it would speed through whatever I had clicked on during the freeze and catch up. It was to the point where it was unusable, as it would randomly appear during a curve adjustment, or a white balance adjustment, or some other adjustment. It would catch up with me, I would continue working, and then it would do it again. I personally can't edit with that, but all the research I've done has said this app is murdering photoshop and supposedly really impressive, but in the first 20 minutes of working with it, I can't get through a simple edit... Is this a bug that we are aware of? Is it just my version? I just invested a hefty price into the iPad thinking I would use this software on it, bought both the Mac and iPad versions for $80.00 and I'm not thrilled so far. Any advice? Thanks for reading, B
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