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    iPad as sole editor?

    Hi guys thanks for the help/advice it really seems that the iPad route is what would suit me best and the Apple Pencil looks like it's worth getting thanks for the suggestions. I'm using a nikon d750 the raw files are around 27mb each but I'd be looking to stack 50+ pictures so I'm guessing I'd probably have to stick with jpeg for that.
  2. Hi all I recently got Affinity Photo for my windows pc i still have alot to learn (as well as correct grammar) and im really enjoying it but my computer is on its last legs and i could do with updating my iPad too but i can only do one of them ive seen a few video reviews of Affinity Photo on iPad Pros and it looks grate and now i dont know what route to take iPad, PC or even Mac im leaning towards iPad at the moment but have a couple questions to see what's best for me. First off i spend alot of time stuck indoors so doing things like large macro focus stacks (in RAW preferably) will probably be what i do most can an ipad do this? (currently i can only do this with jpeg on my pc and it takes a while) Secondly as far as i can find out the iPad version of Affinity Photo dosent have 100% of the features but i cant pin down what is missing from the ipad version and more importantly what sort of things that will this not let me do ? thats all i can remember to ask at the moment any advice or questions welcome . ☯