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  1. +1 better ui scalability.... ...In the meantime, to improve at least font readability (in all syste not only in AP/AD) on k4 monitor I personally use this https://www.wintools.info/index.php/advanced-system-font-changer as workaround and seems to work better than using the slider to make your text bigger or smaller in windows display settings. Just setting everything to 11pt. is fine for me! Just try.! .Hope it help Cheers!
  2. +1 These issues has been often reported, even by me ...UI and fonts too small and with bad contrast. They probably can't solve it or they just don't want to!
  3. Sorry, too late! Reinstalled the new versions ( of AD and AP with a clean reinstallation. Anyway …both crashed or freeze at least three times! Cheers
  4. See screenshot for details Randomly crash, so can't reproduce! Windows10 - 1903 (build SO 18362.175)
  5. AP .258 Translations in some languages, forgotten. tried only Italian and Spanish. ...a couple of SS:
  6. Thanks, I was reading about it, here too: Regards
  7. Hi -S- I read your linked post and totally agree with you! But from the answers posted here, I believe we will only have Win settings to rely on! Regards.
  8. Thanks for reply Mark, I realize that is a difficult task to look and solve issues. We report issues with beta testing, even several times, simply to contribute make product becomes better. The best things can also be seen from the little things! IMHO. Like many others in this forum, I simply believe that affinity photo needs a more scalable/readable interface, (i.e. something like Blender) not just fonts are small, also icons, etc.. Often with 2K/4K becomes hard make continuous use of AP. Anyway I understand that Your work guys is not easy, and this may be hard to realize. But thanks for Your clarification, really appreciate it. Kindly Regards!
  9. ... thanks for answer guy! I seemed to have read from CHris that it could be improved! But Ok, I think I understand! Thanks anyway!
  10. Well! Thanks for the info and tips! Cheers
  11. Hello Issue with assistant and tonal curve, histogram not properly update when tonal curve is on or off. Same if assistant is toggled or not. Oly ORF file, AP
  12. ...Same issue here with olympus .ORF file!
  13. Hi Chris, thanks for reply. My DPI monitor setting is 100%. Set on 125% work fine on 2k, but this make everything too bigger not only for affinity photo. I have change only text size to 120% in Win settings: “Change the size of text" (just to have at least more readable text) and this made text clipped! Unfortunately these are the only way we have (on Windows) for a better UI font/icon size in AP. And however, from your answer, I suppose there is no solution!? Thanks again Cheers
  14. Hello. Affinity photo Thumbnail size of the levels is a great add, but they are still too small, IMHO. Also for text, in general! ...it seems worse (not clear) and still too small. With text size to more than 110% in Win 10 settings, Dpi scaling not properly work some words, in some languages, are completely cut (see screen shot). 2K monitor. Cheers
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