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  1. See screenshot for details Randomly crash, so can't reproduce! Windows10 - 1903 (build SO 18362.175)
  2. AP .258 Translations in some languages, forgotten. tried only Italian and Spanish. ...a couple of SS:
  3. Thanks, I was reading about it, here too: Regards
  4. Hello. Affinity photo Thumbnail size of the levels is a great add, but they are still too small, IMHO. Also for text, in general! ...it seems worse (not clear) and still too small. With text size to more than 110% in Win 10 settings, Dpi scaling not properly work some words, in some languages, are completely cut (see screen shot). 2K monitor. Cheers
  5. Totally agree with all of You guys: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/80497-ap-170251-text-and-thumbnail-size/&tab=comments#comment-424142 ...Anyway I'm glad to see something is changing! Thanks.
  6. Hi -S- I read your linked post and totally agree with you! But from the answers posted here, I believe we will only have Win settings to rely on! Regards.
  7. Thanks for reply Mark, I realize that is a difficult task to look and solve issues. We report issues with beta testing, even several times, simply to contribute make product becomes better. The best things can also be seen from the little things! IMHO. Like many others in this forum, I simply believe that affinity photo needs a more scalable/readable interface, (i.e. something like Blender) not just fonts are small, also icons, etc.. Often with 2K/4K becomes hard make continuous use of AP. Anyway I understand that Your work guys is not easy, and this may be hard to realize. But thanks for Your clarification, really appreciate it. Kindly Regards!
  8. Hello Issue with assistant and tonal curve, histogram not properly update when tonal curve is on or off. Same if assistant is toggled or not. Oly ORF file, AP
  9. ... thanks for answer guy! I seemed to have read from CHris that it could be improved! But Ok, I think I understand! Thanks anyway!
  10. Well! Thanks for the info and tips! Cheers
  11. Zox

    Affinity Photo Raw Histogram

    ...Same issue here with olympus .ORF file!
  12. Hi Chris, thanks for reply. My DPI monitor setting is 100%. Set on 125% work fine on 2k, but this make everything too bigger not only for affinity photo. I have change only text size to 120% in Win settings: “Change the size of text" (just to have at least more readable text) and this made text clipped! Unfortunately these are the only way we have (on Windows) for a better UI font/icon size in AP. And however, from your answer, I suppose there is no solution!? Thanks again Cheers
  13. Zox

    Workflow, and again workflow

    Hi MEB, thank You for answer. I'm on Win 10 with 2k monitor and as You say ...I have to change the size of the text in W10 OS display settings, but unfortunately not the whole UI are affected, like other users say, Affinity Photo needs a more flexible way of scaling the fonts/icons/ and also layers thumbnail sizes! Just an example, as mentioned in the linked thread, could be the DPI method adopted by Blender I just hope in improvements. Cheers.
  14. Zox

    Workflow, and again workflow

    Hi, after reading these post I wanna just link this, IMHO “important thing” (Mac and PC related) not yet improved-implemented-solved, from 2015. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/10375-all-ui-elements-are-too-small-on-a-5k-imac/&tab=comments#comment-44470 Any good news by the staff?! Thanks.
  15. Hi Gregory, Well, good to know. Anyway totally agree with you, with 2K and 4K monitors the possible solutions are however limited and pretty ineffective and makes monitors with resolutions higher than 1920 x1080 useless, on both OS! So, again, I agree with you and others users, "...we need a more flexible way to resize the font size / icons, soon!" Regards
  16. Agree with you! The only ways to get a UI with larger and more readable fonts and icons, especially on monitors with resolutions greater than 1920x1080 is to adjust the size of text, apps, and all other items by selecting: Settings>Ease of Access>Display>Make text bigger to make only the text on your screen larger. Or, select an option from the drop-down menu under Make everything bigger to change the size of everything on your screen. Basically the same tweaking is possible on Mac Os. Also IMHO, still not enough. I hope in Seriff implement soon, a specific scaling UI function in AP and AD. Cheers!
  17. Hello, I purchased Windows versions of Affinity photo and Affinity Design. I read that to have even the Mac OS version, we have to buy a new license, unfortunately at full price! Then... can You please, consider making a special price to those who have already bought a license for an OS versions and would like to buy one more for a different OS? I believe and surely also many other users will be happy. Thank You. Best regards!
  18. Hi Alfred, maybe You are Right!...anyway I'm a little doubtful, so I will use A.P. and A.D., with all free upgrades, just till new version comes out and I will see the offers of the market...Thanks, cheer!
  19. Thanks for the answers, I considered the fact that with every new version of AP. and A.D. we have to make a paid upgrade and the price does not become very low, seems like a subscription and for those with different computers/device -i.e. A.P. and A.D. for windows and MacOs- the price raise up to €219,96, and IMHO it's not a very low price! Others similar software at least are multi platform/device and with just a licence code or account You can install wherever you want, so user can easily manage everything, also the general workflow. Anyway, thanks again for the answers. I will use AP and AD, till version 2.0 comes out. However, in a couple of years of use I can say “they do their job” pretty well! Over time, I will see the offers that the market will offer... Thanks again. Best regards.
  20. Press 0 (zero) twice quickly for 0% opacity of selected layers. Press 0 one time for 100% opacity. I Use this trick as shortcut for hide/show layers. Work great for me In AD and AP. Hope it help. Cheers!
  21. Hi all. So ...by following the steps to reproduce the bug: Create a new document and then create a pixel layer. Activate the Paint Brush tool. Press Spacebar + Left Mouse Button and start panning around. Release Spacebar while still keeping Left Mouse Button pressed. Instant crash. Here Affinity Photo just istantly quit, with any kind of message! :-O Windows 10 - 64 bit
  22. You are welcome! In a couple of words... JPEG or JPG is a compressed file format and when You convert a file from a RAW you loss some information and quality -based on the output quality you have choose- is a standard and "light file" format, suitable for many purposes. If you need a professional prints or you need a maximum digital quality without any loss of quality/informations, better choose TIFF format, "heavy file", For example for offset print and quality photo. Anyway if U shot in RAW You can always choose all formats you want and when You want, Your RAW file always keep all your shot info. I suggest you a good link to read: https://affinityspotlight.com/article/raw-actually/ Cheers!
  23. HI, and welcome... Possible reasons: -Your camera is not supported/fully implemented -The engine of the two software are different and so you got different color rendering - Chek if you image is 32 bit HDR or rgb 16Bit in "develop assistant" and no automatic filter are applied (like tonal curve) - You have set two different color profiles for DPP4 and AP. Develop persona, It's mostly a simple RAW converter/developer and photo editing module, that offer a workflow like “ad0b.”Camera RAW, just one RAW file to manage exposure, shadows an so on, and then finish the job on PS. In Affinity Photo is pretty the same! Open your RAW for a general/first adjustments/development, then click Develop to finish your job in Photo Persona! Unfortunately, Affinity Photo Develop also has some management issues with histograms... in many cases are completely "moved to left." So my personal tips is: develop your Raw file in DPP4 because is better optimized and surely fully support your camera, and then move directly to Affinity photo Persona, It's really powerful, for further adjustments and manipulations. . Hope I have not forgotten anything else to help you, and hope someone else will help you further more. Cheers.