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    Hello Affinity Photo users, teachers, and moderators! My name is Rich(ard) Gajdowski and have lived in Laveen, AZ for the past ten years migrating from Connecticut. Oh yeah, one heck of a weather swap, but oh, the scenery change! I had my first real exposure to photography in a high school club (back in the early 70's). They had a great darkroom and only a 4x5 press camera. That film couldn't have been cheap - even back then. Anyhow, it was a tech school where I learned my trade in electronics and have been in that field ever since I got out of school. Along the way, I purchased a Konica T3n with a few Konica and Vivitar lenses. I decided to try my hand at wedding photography in the early 80's as a side job so I could buy more photo equipment. I bought a Kowa Super 66 and had fun - and stress. No DSLR to take multiple shots and hope one was good enough to use. As time marched on, family and work took precedence over photography, and the cameras were relegated to family and vacation photos, and eventually film fell out of favor to pixels. Digital held no interest for me until the resolution started to increase to the equivalence of 35mm film. I had a couple of point-and-shoots early on and played with JASC's Paint Shop Pro, and that was good enough. Now it's not. Enter the present (somewhat). My wife bought me a Pentax K5-II for Christmas the year they came out. I was back in business, somewhat. Now I have a camera with a LOT of pixels, but a PC that is too slow to manipulate them. I saw no point in purchasing Photoshop in the past, because I was always a couple of iterations behind whatever the current PC speed was. So beside introducing myself, I was hoping to glean some info on building a killer PC to to make Affinity Photo hum to it's full potential. I read the posts I could find regarding hardware requirements, but alas they are dated as well as the software they were designed for. Is a 4 core up to the task, or is more better? As far as graphics cards go, it appears there is a point where too much is just a waste. The last PC I built, was a Turbo 486. The rest of the ones I've owned since then, were hand-me-downs I purchased from my company. Time to leap ahead! By the way, I have a bumper sticker hanging on my office wall that reads "I love DOS". And yes, still have some PCs at work that run DOS. I work for an aerospace company. Give that some thought. ;)