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  1. It would be great to finally have a fully functional app that can cross the desktop-mobile gap. Currently not too much options there... Looking forward to this!
  2. Hi I havent used affinity for a while and it feels as if the color slider has changed. As you can see, the topbar shows only some colors. I don't know what this selection is based on, but it feels random and not intuitive. Is there a way I can get a selection more like this: Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for the reply. I get that the paths must be smoothed. But if you see the last part of the second shape, the variation in the up- and the downstroke is fairly heavy and nearly disappears when 'smoothed'. I don't think this should be whats happening? Are there settings for this somewhere? The illustrator style fidelity slider is something I use a lot and dont seem to find in designer.
  4. If I draw something with my wacom, the stroke width that I get in preview is sometimes very different then that from the end result. http://screencast.com/t/2aA4TEJY Is this something that I can prevent from happening. When drawing it is very confusing, basing yourself on false information ...
  5. I have the same problem with my new wacom. I have als o created a seperate profile AD, but without result. Pressure is selected on brush, but nog thin/thick variety occurs
  6. Ok. Thanks. I must say that this forum feels very personal. Very promising for the future of these products.
  7. I'm hoping this issue can be solved. After the trial period I'm convinced and want to buy the app, but expanding of paths is a major point for me, so I'm awaiting the progression of this topic.
  8. And the files that are causing me the trouble: city sailor.afdesign city sailor expand.afdesign
  9. Sometimes the error keeps occuring, but even when it doesn't, expanding is not really the quality I hope for (see screenshots)
  10. I tried it multiple times, and the problem persisted. However, when I try now, it's not occuring any more. Strange, but, problem solved I guess ...
  11. I was playing around with the pressure curve - awesome feature - and got close to a result I liked. Since there doesn't seem to be a warp option to bend my design on a curved baseline instead of a straight; I thought to expand it and take it to illustrator. When expanding, all pressure info was lost. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Attached image: above the actual strokes, below the same strokes expanded... Thanks in advance
  12. Ah I see. Well it's confusing because the align options appear partly in the contextual menubar, but the distribution doesn't. As seen in the attachment
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