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  1. Hello MEB, That works great, it does the job & is easy to use. :) Thank You (Thanks also to Leigh, mystrawberrymonkey, & ronniemcbride for your suggestions & time ;)) Chroma/Luma keying techniques is what I wanted to avoid, straight forward Channel chopping was all I was after, for the cleanest/accurate result; i'm from a vfx background (Shake/Nuke compositing) so basic image operations was all i needed. If anyone is interested in the original method i wanted to use > My original image was RGB, lets say 24bit, I wanted to bump it up to 32bit image RGBA and use the last 8bits for transparency, the Alpha channel is just a black/white grayscale image, so you can just paste/draw in any values between black & white (including various shades of 'grey'). So the original B/W image was perfect to use as the Alpha channel (for transparency).
  2. (In reference to Affinity Designer using greyscale information from a bitmap as a mask directly.) We would be really grateful, if you could explain how to do this method/technique, as you said this had been implemented to Affinity Designer in October 2014. :)
  3. @mystrawberrymonkey thanks for your Affinity Photo suggestion. It isn't the cleanest/best solution, but the result is OK and more than useable until the bitmap image mask method is explained. The BG is pure white, the FG is black, it is just the edges (greyscale antialiased edges) that could be better, which is why I prefer to copy the BW image straight into the Alpha channel. For the moment though it will be fine for a test version. :)
  4. @Leigh - thanks for your reply, the Logo is quite complex, so I wanted to avoid using "Tolerance' based tools. As an example in Photoshop, I would add an Alpha Channel to the RGB image, and simply paste the black/white image into the Alpha Channel. There is a thread that says that bitmap images can be used as masks (I just don't know how to) https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/1450-mask-questionhelp/
  5. @MEB Hello I have a similar question here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/8641-blackwhite-jpg-logo-to-transparent-png/ Can you explain how to use a black/white bitmap as a mask, please?
  6. I have a black logo on a white backbround as a JPG image. I would like to make all the White transparent (alpha channel), so that I can save it as a Black Logo on a Transparent background PNG. What is the cleanest/ most accurate way to do this, please? Using a bitmap image as a mask is ideally what I need (copy the inverted greyscale image into the alpha channel to get the transparency) any help is really appreciated. I have Affinity Designer & Photo beta.
  7. Yes I know, that's why i said Serif is a refreshing company with a lot of support. I am not stating otherwise (it is early days to judge whether feedback is acted on, I have no reason to doubt, I am impressed so far). You can never have enough feedback from your customers, as developing in a bubble would be a plan for failure. I do think we are saying the same thing, from slightly different viewpoints
  8. "It doesn't lack feedback. It "lacks" development time", I believe it needs both feedback & development time. I wish Serif every success, which is why cracking the 2 easier nuts, appears to be a more logical approach. There are even mediocre Photo apps already that will even be hard competition, let alone PS. What I have seen so far is very encouraging, and Serif appears to be a very refreshing company. I look forward to all future releases. People are crying out loud to leave Adobe CC pricing, grab that window of opportunity while it is there.
  9. "Any of these 3 apps can bring new customers or adpoters to the others 2", I don't agree with this, Photoshop is a hard nut to crack if Photo is released as the 2nd Affinity product release. I don't believe that it will better PhotoShop if done on a short development cycle. Designer is good, but I have already noticed 2 issues (in my 1st 30 mins use) which make me fully believe that this product has potential, but lacks feedback from a large professional user base.
  10. Thanks @MEB - I just attached an image to the post above, Pressure is selected, but you can see the result above the dialog is not affected.
  11. Please allow for double line Text descriptions in the Tool Bar. If the names are long (which most are), it becomes unreadable. Here is an example: Maybe even a double row toolbar would be useful.
  12. I can't seem to get fat/thins line to work with my Wacom Tablet. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Does Designer use the pressure sensitivity of a Wacom in the current release? Thanks
  13. I believe there may be a larger demand for Publisher than expected. There is already a lot of competition in Photo editing market, and as much as I hate pricing for Adobe CC products, Photoshop is the industry standard 'very good' Photo editing app; I would expect a competing product from Serif would need more development time in comparison to Publisher (whose position in the marketplace is a lot more certain). Publisher will be accepted & adopted a lot quicker, as there is room in the market for a version 1 'good' quality product release. The Photo market is much more stabile, there are already a wide range of 'good' products at various price points. The new Affinity Photo needs to be, 'very good' to compete; however a 'good' Affinity Publisher could easily make a big impression, and attract a loyal user base to the brand. As a consumer who has bought Designer, and who will buy Publisher, I would be more willing to switch from Photoshop to Photo, once data exchange is established in 2 of the 3 products. Getting people to switch from Photoshop, is the biggest challenge, and I believe should take the longest development time to get perfect (not just a 'good' version 1.0 release). Thank you to the Serif Team, you already have quite a few supporters.
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