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  1. When i try to add few simple curves Designer gets stuck at adding them, it doesn't completely freeze, just get stuck and build up insane amounts of RAM and CPU usage, as shown in the video below. Screen_Recording_2020-02-08_at_17_33_11.mov
  2. I've tried the beta alteady, tool switching is gone, however cursor bug remains, it happens for me in all screen modes all the time in all Affinity apps.
  3. So today I did clean format and another installation of newest macOS, and installed Affinity Photo as first app, but its still the same, now I can also confirm that this happens with all 3 apps. It happens with all types of cursor input, tested few mice, tablet, doesn't matter really. With and without drivers. My tablet is Wacom Intuos pro newest one with latest driver, but this time I tested it after format without any drivers installed. Screen_Recording_2020-01-31_at_17_47_34.mov
  4. So I've recently bought an iMac, without getting in too much detail i tried Photoshop first and it was complete disaster, couldn't work for longer than 5 minutes without crashing, I've switched to Affinity then, which at first was very pleasant experience, everything is nice and smooth, but now problems start to occur, to my slight disappointment. I've tried a lot of things, complete system reinstall, app were reinstalled, drivers for wacom tablet, tried all sorts of settings in system as well as in the app, nothing works. So the problem is, i get random tool switch, only from shape tool to node tool as shown in the video, and very obvious and frustrating cursor problem, which is apparent all the time. Please help me ;) IMG_1252.mov IMG_1253.mov
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