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  1. Hi. Used Affinity Publisher v1.7.1 to prepare multiple afpub documents. I seek to use a limited number of pages from one afpub document within a separate afpub document. I see no way to copy/paste pages or to drag pages between afpub documents. Prefer to copy/page afpub pages rather than each textbox frame / component. Is it possible to use pages from one afpub document in a separate afpub document?
  2. Thank you for the timely and thoughtful response, appreciated. The file is indeed small - simple content. Is any guidance available on the likely non-beta release date of Designer 1.7? If not I'll edit file in 1.7 beta. Separately, congrats to Affinity team on Publisher beta - fabulous emerging product.
  3. Today I created and saved two files in Affinity Designer for MacOS v1.6.5. Saved afdesign files on a NAS network drive. Placed afdesign files into a Affinity Published Beta v1.7.0.132 document. A couple of hours later I attempted to open the Affinity Designer files on a different network computer. Files unable to be opened. Error message "Failed to open file. The file version is not supported by this version of Affinity". Also unable to open files on original computer. Both computers on same software version. No software updates have occured. One of the two files attached. RMA-20190510-Graphic-Components.afdesign
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