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  1. Very good news. But what about Designer et Photo ? They can produce PDF too.
  2. Thank a lot for all your replies. But we are well on the forum of feature suggestions. I am not looking for a third party solution that requires a subscription and multiple manipulation. Transferring a file from iTunes is also possible without installing anything (the method I use). I'm just suggesting a feature that would allow you to start working on iPad and finish them on PC / Mac (and vice versa) in a simple and efficient way without wasting time. For professional use we do not want to waste time on this kind of detail.
  3. Thanks. I know AirDrop but I'm not an Mac user. iPad (or iPhone) users are not necessarily Mac users. That's why I think an integrated software solution would be the most judicious.
  4. Dropbox aims to make files available on remote servers. Transferring hundreds of MB of an iPad to a desktop computer must be done without going through a server on the other side of the world. Why connect to the Internet to retrieve a file that is 1 meter away?
  5. Putting a file in the cloud to transfer it from one machine to another does not make sense. Once both softwares are on, a single button can be used to send the file one way, then in the other. This is something that already exists. For example : PreSonus Studio One. The iPad version can send audio sessions to the Desktop version (Https://www.presonus.com/produits/Capture-for-iPad) It's iOS that should be able to natively manage file transfers. But I think we should not rely on Apple on this subject.
  6. I use an iPad Pro with the Pencile. In Preferences screen, Tools tab, I have switch the "Touch for gestures only" option on. But nothing change. If I use finger with node tool, node are mooving. Thereby, Pencile precision is the same as finger. It's verry painful.
  7. Je confirme qu'un outil de mesure (distance et angle) serait indispensable. Si en plus il est possible d'avoir des cotations ça serait vraiment parfait. Sous Illustrator j'ai un plugin pour ça VectorScribe de Astut Graphics : https://astutegraphics.com/software/vectorscribe/ On a vite du mal a s'en passer.
  8. I exported on a cloud service. Maybe that's the cause. It does not happen every time.
  9. PDF/X-4 as the same issue. There are some other artifact when I tweak options. When I export from desktop version it works better. It's my first test with Affinity product for offset printing. I'm trying to switch from Adobe to Affinity ... not so easy but I believe in it :-) I upload 2 PDF with various issues and the .afdesign file Thanks sticker_A8_Desybes-2018.afdesign sticker_A8_Desybes-2018_issue1.pdf sticker_A8_Desybes-2018_issue2.pdf
  10. Hello, I create a simple doc on desktop version : one pixel background withe somme vectorized texts on it. When I export to PDF, sometime (not always) the background pixel layer have white pixels bloc on the top. On the attached picture, you can see the text (with a selected curve, so blue stroke on it). Red curtains should normally extend upwards.
  11. SilvRO

    Keyboard Shortcut Support

    Yes ! Keyboard shortcuts for iPad would increase productivity
  12. Hello, It's really frustrating when you have to move a lot of small items while keeping an overview. It looks like the handles have a much larger area than is visible. It's a good idea to handle with touch but not at all with the pencil. JMooney, your trick works great for layers that are not in a group.

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