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  1. Norway4T

    Mail Merge

    Absolutely agree! A Mail Merge function would be highly desirable, and Affinity should consider adding this to capture more market shares!
  2. Thanks Aammppaa, but TonyB wrote that 4 - FOUR - years ago... If they do pick up my idea, I've written a description on what I imagine they could add to go above and beyond the competition. However, taking into account how long this has taken, I'm afraid jstnhllmn (quote below) is right; -this was just a sales pitch. It's a damn shame. Affinity is reasonably priced, and Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, so far are looking fairly good for things you can solve in those apps. But they are too "skinny", and the "meat" isn't growing very fast on the bones.
  3. In various other graphics editors it is possible to blend to shapes. For example you want to blend a red circle with a blue rectangle. I imagine this function would look like this in this imaginary function in Affinity Designer: You place the red circle and the blue rectangle on opposite sides of the document. You want the blend to rotate 360° and you want the blend to arc through a specific point on the document. You select the red circle and blue rectangle. You drag the "rotation center" to the side were you want the blend to arc. You type in 360 degrees in the blend tool dialogue box. You type in number of iterations, let's say 20. Then you hit the "Blend" button. Between the red circle and the blue rectangle there are now 20 shapes arcing between the two original shapes. Each shape - moving from the circle to the rectangle - becomes more like a rectangle, and vice versa. The color changes with each shape in the entire spectrum between red and blue, and the shapes in the arc rotates from the circle to the rectangle 360 degrees (negative values would rotate the shapes the opposite way). Maybe it would also be possible to outdo the competition by making it possible to do more color combination along the arc/path. Maybe it would also be possible to place more "rotation centers" - points through which the blending would take place.
  4. I have huge problems when working with shapes, how to open them / break them, how to join curves, how to close curves. It always end up in a mess. Is there a GOOD tutorial explaining this? I have looked around, and this very basic very important topic hasn't really given me answers. Especially the 'break curve' function is a major headache. I can click a node where I want the curve split, click the 'Break Curve' button in the Action panel, and nothing happens. The curve is as whole as it was before I started. This is really driving me nuts. Also, is there a way to toggle handles on off. When I want to move a node, I almost always end up grabbing a handle instead of the node, unless I am zoomed in really much. I hope there is someone out there who can help me out. Thank you!
  5. I have this very cool app called Art Rage. In that app, you can trace an image, and in that process your pencil, pen or brushes can actually be set to sample the color from the image you're tracing. I would love to see that function in upcoming versions of Affinity Designer. So, whether you're using the Pen, Pencil or Vector Brush tool (or even the shape tools), once this function is enabled it can pick up the color from the layer(s) beneath, so that you didn't have to constantly had to set the color in the color panel. The color simply is set automatically and one just have to draw and the color that was sampled at the beginning of the line (or shape) is what the tool draws directly. It would save a ton of tedious work changing colors in the color panel when tracing something on a layer or layers beneath the tool layer. It would be really neat if there was a sub-function of that where you directly could pick up average colors for the drawing tool you're working with at the moment, just like with the color picker tool, only you are saved all the work with applying the samples correctly to the current drawing tool. What do you think? Is this doable?
  6. I'm also trying to make a waving flag (Norway). I have both Affinity Designer & Photo. This is something I would hope Affinity would make a tutorial on. My question is, how do I make highlights and shadows on a waving flag in order to make it look more realistic?
  7. In four days it will be exactly THREE YEARS since Moderator Ben said "Soon, soon". If you're a geologist three years is very soon. But in software development, three years is an ETERNITY. Rotating guidelines most designer would agree is a VERY BASIC FUNCTION... So, please: Exactly how long is "soon" in Affinity speak?
  8. Norway4T

    Text size increments buttons

    What is the status of this function? It is a huge productivity booster, so I sincerely hope it is just around the corner! Preferably with an option to choose ones own key combination, since I use a Norwegian keyboard, which often times rearranges keyboard shortcuts, so that you'll have to guess which key combinations are corresponding to an English/Standard keyboard. Thank you!
  9. I've watched the tutorials and I'm trying to make a text follow the outside of a circle. I find it extremely difficult. The control handles are small and difficult to manipulate and I can't get all the text to wrap nicely on the outside of the circle. Rather one letter always seems to want to stick to the inside. I've tried to find some tutorials that better explain these controls with no luck. Maybe you guys have a few pointers on how to get a better grasp on this? I hope in future revisions of the program that the control handles gets a make over in order to make them more intuitive and easy to manipulate.
  10. I know this is a big chunk of programming, but it is also a feature that is pivotal to the usability of Affinity Designer. The above quote is from a post over three years ago. What's the status of this feature? Can we get an approximate release date at least?
  11. I agree totally with iriskin. A clone brush tool is not an advanced function. It's a basic function though. Not having this option, means I have to take my projects out of Affinity Designer and into a graphics program to do even the smallest touch ups, often going back and forth several times. Extremely time consuming and - to say the least - annoying. A Repair Brush tool and a Clone Brush tool ought to be a minimum standard for a graphics tool that boasts a pixel editing capability...
  12. Norway4T

    Dream Resources

    Thank you a million times Chris Van Cleve! You're my hero! :D I think Affinity should have put some effort into populating styles a bit more, but your collections was simply a life saver! I hope you will make more collections! They are simply beautiful! Thank you so, so much! KUDOS!!!

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