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  1. A feature that I am missing time and time again, is to be able to crop a picture, and then be able to crop a batch of photos the exact same way.
  2. MikeTO, I do use shortcuts whenever available, but for some reason Cmd+L / Shift+Cmd+L didn't work on my mac. I looked to see if one of my many other apps used them already, but no luck. BUT…!!! When I gave it another try right now, it worked!!! Thank you for the nudge! If you hadn't suggested it, I wouldn't have bothered to try it again — PROBLEM SOLVED! Thanks buddy! 😊 👍
  3. So, you have a design with a multitude of objects, and you accidentally move an object you weren't supposed to move. Maybe you discover it way down the line, and then you've got a real headache trying to reconstruct the original design. You can of course click the object, then use lots of time finding it in the Layers Panel, lock it, do the work in the area, safe in the knowledge that the object(s) won't accidentally be moved when you select and manipulate other object on or around the locked object(s). Then comes the time when you need to unlock the locked. Back to the Layers Panel, spend a whole lot of time locating it/them and unlocking said object(s) for editing. HOW ABOUT adding two menu items in the 'right click on object(s) menu'? You select the object or objects you want to preserve from your butter fingers, you right click, select LOCK in the menu that pops up, and Robert's your Father's Sister's Brother! And when you need to edit the object(s) again… Hey presto! Just right click and hit the UNLOCK item in the popup menu, and you have saved SEVERAL METRIC TONNES OF SWEAT for your Designer Customers, yours truly included! I spend an awful amount of time looking up objects in the Layers Panel in order to lock them from editing. And I spend an almost equal amount of time finding them again, in order to unlock them. Im locked in the unlucky locking and unlocking unluckiness… This Quick-Lock / Quick-Unlock system on the right click menu is so basic that I have expected that they'd be added at any new update of Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher, but here we are — way into Version 2 of these brilliant Graphic Design Tools, and we're still sweating over this locking lack, quite unnecessarily. I imagine it would be a breeze writing this functionality into the Right Click Menu. I also imagine that if you at Affinity are afraid of cluttering, you could offer a toggle in the settings menu, so that those of us who wants it, may have lock/unlock in the right click menu, and those who wants to take the detour via the Layers Panel may still do so? So, how about it, you Cracking Brilliant Affinity Team? Is next update the lucky number? Hope so! Thanks! 👍
  4. It's such a bummer that this relatively simple, yet essential functionality is still not onboard in Affinity Designer V2. Sure, you can do it online, with mixed results. But it's a lot of back and forth, potential security issues and general nuisance. I'm not too impressed with the image recognition functionalities in Affinity Photo V2 either. I can't see any (significant) difference in Inpainting, Background Removal and such from V1. And since this is tangential to the Algorithms used in AutoTrace, converting Bitmap into Vector, the question should be asked; Will Affinity continue to be competitive with ever new graphics capabilities following new Softwares, Hardwares and even AI? Affinity is affordable for hobbyists as well as professionals. And let's hope they always will be. And to be able to stay at this user's comfort prices, with good and at times great Software, we cannot expect everything. Adobe's packages are great. But it's VASTLY overpriced software, which even slaps on a 50% increase in the price for European users, and you don't even get to own the damn thing. That's abuse of privilege and it has moved me to chuck Adobe overboard! But still, an AutoTrace function is yesterday's technology in this scope, really. So, it beggars belief that it is still not included in Affinity Designer 2, Affinity Photo 2 and Affinity Publisher 2. It's hard as a user to judge how much such functionalities would influence the price in a negative way. But inching ever closer to Adobe in functionalities and keeping retail prices down could potentially torpedo Adobe. I know there has been A LOT of grumblings about Adobe's insane prices in photo and graphics fora I'm following. The fact that you don't buy, but rather just rent Adobe Software and the discrimination against European Customers all are points that don't sit well, even with profssionals. With an "Adobe Reputation" and with comfortable prices for hobbyists as well as professionals and a bit of marketing, the Sales VOLUME of Affinity has the potential to explode! There's a huge market tired of the Adobe Extortion, waiting for something new, better and much cheaper. I believe firmly that Affinity is in the lead to cap this market. But it needs a more solid core of functionalities in order to get there. And I can't see that with V2. Yet…
  5. Lately, laying out books and papers, I find myself back in horrible, old-fashioned highly limited word processors because of one fundamental deficiency with Affinity Publisher: The lack of footnotes. When producing a long document with a lot of footnotes, and updating and rearranging those footnotes continuously, it is nearly impossible getting it correct without an automatic footnotes system, keeping tabs on footnotes numbering. I would love doing this work in Affinity Publisher, with its richness of layout elements, but I find myself confined to my old-fashioned word processors, simply because of that simple, but fundamental feature. If I may suggest one fundamental, major improvement of Affinity Publisher it is a automatic footnotes system. I imagine three different modes: 1) A system where, when activating the footnote function, it adds a consecutive numbering in superscript at the point of insertion, adds a delimiter (which can be preselected such as a no line, short line, medium line, long line, or customized string of lines and/or characters) at the bottom of the page, then add the same consecutive number in superscript and place the cursor right after it, ready to add the footnote text. 2) A system as the above, but with the ability to change numbering from latin characters to roman numerals or any other character the user may want to input to denote a special footnote. 3) Same as the two above, but with numbering starting from 1 for each new chapter. In addition, footnotes should also have the ability to be collected in a common field at the end of the document with the possibility to expand on each, and manipulate them as any other index. But a very good start would be implementing the above until and including 1). The rest is just icing on the cake. Although such functions would be very nice to have — a basic system as 1) is absolutely basic and essential, and I do hope the Affinity team focus on getting this added ASAP, as it is a MAJOR headache not having this basic feature in an otherwise complete & brilliant DTP such as Affinity Publisher!
  6. One thing I have missed for a long time is the ability to copying and pasting individual Layer Effects. What I mean is that I have a set of Layer Effects which I have spent a long time tweaking saved in a Styles Group. And I have another set of Layer Effects which I've also spent a long time tweaking saved in Styles. I wish there was a way of copying some elements from one style and combining it with elements from the other style. When copying and pasting styles and effects they overwrite other styles and effects already applied to an object. Especially gradient outlines and overlays in the Layer Effects panel are a nightmare. There is no way of copying them as far as I know, and so the only solution is to make new gradients from scratch, which is enormously time consuming. It would be an enormous time saver to be able to copy, say an outline gradient from one object and an overlay gradient from another object - and of course other effects as well - on an individual, effect by effect basis. I envision an "effects palette", where you could pick for example the 3D effect settings from one object, the overlay gradient settings from a second object and the outline effects from a third object, apply them all to the object you're working on, and when you're happy with the result, maybe even be able to save the settings of this "palette" as a new style or as an "effects palette preset", where the individual settings can be tweaked further, enabled, disabled and combined with new effects picked from other objects and/or styles.
  7. Thank you very, very much, loukash! I managed to move my assets over into a document and start afresh. It took a couple of days work. I never want to do that ever again! So, I have made an automatic backup of the assets file regularly! Again, a HUGE THANK YOU! When that assets file became messed up, I was beginning to despair, because I use assets quite a lot. It all worked out in the end with some hard work and your invaluable help!
  8. Wilco! Thanks a bunch, loukash! I really appreciate your kind (and quick!) replies!
  9. Alright. I've got probably in the thousands of assets, so that is going to take a while. I really, really hope this works. It'll give me a chance (perhaps) to see if any object in one of the categories is behaving strangely. Are the "factory" assets also stored in that container you listed, or are they stored in a separate container?
  10. I dearly hope someone has a solution to this. I use Assets A LOT, and I am really lost with this problem. I had lined up lots of elements ready to be stored in new categories, but that is all but impossible with the problem that has arisen.
  11. Dear Ash & the Amazing Affinity Team! I bought all of the apps at full price - but I'm not complaining since this is AFFORDABLE software! I think this discount is a great gesture. Some are lucky and win the lottery, some don't. That's life. I commend Affinity for your warm hearted GENEROSITY! This gesture only makes me appreciate you even more, and please, please don't take a blind bit of notice of a few negative reactions! Thank you, Affinity! You're the BEST! All the best from a loyal customer!
  12. Yesterday my Assets panel just went haywire. The Assets Categories are fine all the way down to a certain point. The content match the title of the Category as it should. After that, the 13 categories at the bottom have the wrong titles. When I open one of them and select Rename category... the name that pops up in the dialogue box is the correct one! When I try adding a new category and rename a previous one, the last category disappears! When I make another category, the content reappears, but under the wrong Category name...! If I create a new Category and rename it, no name shows. The field where the new name of the new Category should show is empty. It's like trying to design in the Twilight Zone...
  13. I see. Thanks, anon2! Haven't had the time to check it out yet, but I will! Much appreciated! 👍
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