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  1. Hi there, I know own all three products and they are sweeeet.. One thing I took as a given though, which has stopped me in my tracks is the inability to package a document. Quite often, we designing brochures/ads etc one 'borrows' assets from other documents, creates things on desktop, places images form an external drive etc etc - so when the job is finished, I would always collect or package the final artwork and archive it - so that in the future I can be confident that all the assets for that project are all in one place. This is crucial to keeping files/fonts etc organised, and manageable - especially when working with other people who may not have access to all the same drives/fonts etc. Will this be coming in an update soon? It's kind of the last crucial piece to a lot of designers' workflow Thanks in advance! Andy
  2. Probably because it doesn’t have anything to do with the question. But in answer to your question - Yes I have permission. These are files that clients supply of their brochure etc - but they can’t find the original files.
  3. Yep thanks for this - I can do it this way, but when there are 100s of images to extract, it can take quite a while, whereas i photoshop it takes seconds.
  4. I agree it's great software. I feel a little confused by some of the responses on this thread to be honest (Not so much yours, but others were pretty hostile). This section of the forum is for product suggestions. I had a suggestion which I thought was valid - and so too did @affinitybyserif on Twitter - and they actually suggested I post this here because it wasn't currently a feature of Affinity Photo. But for some reason, post replies just seems very defensive about anything new - but surely this is a forum to share and suggest ideas? Just tying to help make a great bit of software better - that can only happen by constructive discussion.
  5. Thanks. But in reality, a lot of publishers DON'T trim down their assets before publishing to PDF. And this is for items supplied by external originators, not myself. If I already had the assets in the first place, I probably wouldn't have posted this thread!
  6. Good point - but I'm TRYING to escape from the clutches of Acrobat... I'm not sure I will ever be able to completely free though!
  7. I have no idea what you mean! I can't see how else I can explain what I am trying to do, which i can't currently in Affiinity Photo. I'm trying to explain multiple images, from a PDF, without having to open up the whole pages and delete all the other elements. There could be a100 images - which would take forever if I have to import the entire PDF, but if I could just import the images into separate docs, it would be perfect. Does that make sense?
  8. Ah OK - I didn't realise you could import with layers! This is great news - but, if I need to get 20 images form a product catalogue for example, it's going to take ages to manually extract the images and remove all the other graphics etc. In Photoshop, there is the option to select all the images you want prior to importing, and they all open up as separate photoshop files, at their original crop and resolution. This is the functionality I was asking about. Apologies if I didn't explain myself better.
  9. Not true. If the image inserted into indesign (for example) was actual scaled down to 50% and cropped in the PDF, the original sized image would still be available, so I can get a higher resolution original form the PDF in Photoshop
  10. HI there, One feature Photoshop has which I really miss in Affinity Photo is the ability to extract the images from a PDF. Often clients supply a PDF, which contains images that you might want to use without the text over the top, or cropped differently. If you could import the original image, it will be more usable in other projects. Thanks Andy
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