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  1. Thank you Hubert, I can confirm you conclusion. I have checked other files with Live Noise Filter. Sorry for the OT, but just to say I was using a separated mask because a wanted to group some layer and make them alla affected by that mask. I don't know if it is an efficient workflow... I'm quite new to AP . Francesco
  2. This is my file. Thank you DSC_3011_01.afphoto
  3. eftee74

    Failed to group layer

    Now I'm following this topic for the same problem:
  4. I have got the same problem already mentioned here, where I wrote I wasn't able to reproduce it. But today it's the same with another file.
  5. When I try to group two layers (eg. noise reduction and clarity) Affinity quits immediately. It happens just with the file in the next picture. I was not able to reproduce this on other files. Thank you Affinity 1.7.0 - Win 10 Version 1903

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