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  1. >Thanks, this is just being addressed It's May 3 and this still has not been addressed. The prompt still leads to a product page and not the release notes. 🤨
  2. Features such as this STILL missing from this program (in 2022!) lead me to believe that the Affinity team have decided that their software is good enough. I'm very disappointed in this team and this software and like most of my colleagues I've had to go back to using Illustrator. It would be nice if we could move past the indie status of Affinity products but like the Serif suite, the Affinity suite is already old and unfinished, in an industry that is always moving forward. It is a shame because Affinity had a good start but it seems content to have its head stuck in the ground dwelling on the past. I guess I'll have to check back in another 3 years.
  3. I'm really disappointed this basic feature is still left out and the team is content to ignore such and proclaim it isn't even slated for 2.0. Either this team doesn't care about technical designers/illustrators or they are too small to accommodate anyone beyond a specific segment. I suppose that's the trade-off when moving down from Corel or Adobe.
  4. Based on my use of Publisher on the desktop I’d preorder an iPad version the moment it became available.
  5. I just purchased this on the Mac App Store and came here to congratulate Serif on an incredible release. Well done Serif! :)
  6. So then I guess we'll see the beta next winter.
  7. Thanks for getting back to me. I understand that importing from iCloud is possible. But that is not what I want to do. I want to "Open" a document from iCloud without having to import because importing into the iPad requires me to then export from the iPad into a brand new file from the original. Importing makes a copy where as Opening continues working on the same file I started on my desktop/laptop. This is a very critical feature for people like me who work on many files each day and would like to incorporate this software into our workflow. Pixelmator and Graphic by AutoDesk have done terrific jobs implementing this feature. So has Apple with Pages, Numbers and Keynote. But none of those programs do what I need to do with photos like Affinity Photo does.
  8. I just purchased Affinity Photo for my iPad pro and am rather excited to give it a work out. I am just loving how fast the app is. It's a little crazy actually. However I seem to have run into a snag: the workflow isn't seamless. Perhaps I am missing something. In order to work on a file on the iPad that was started on my desktop and is stored in my "Affinity Photos" directory on my iCloud, I must first import that file into AP on my iPad. It doesn't seem possible to simply open the file from my iCloud on my iPad. When I want to continue working on that file from my desktop, I must first open the file from my iPad and choose "Save As.." This ends up duplicating the file and my desktop must work on the newly duplicated file rather than the original. If I want to go back to working on the iPad I must repeat this whole process again. It's not very roundtrip friendly nor seamless as it requires additional work managing the individual files on the back-end. In a way it almost feels like opening your AP file on the iPad is a dead-end. Applications like Pixelmator and Graphic by AutoDesk allow you to simply open your file and pick up where you left off on the MacOS. It's very common in Graphic, for instance, to start an illustration by hand on the iPad then switch to my Mac Pro and fine-tune the illustration and add more detail and then going back to the iPad to doodle potential additions on a new layer and so on. This ability to roundtrip is what MAKES working on a mobile device. Without such working on tablet begins to feel awkward. I hope that full iCloud integration comes to AP on the iPad soon (or better yet I hope that I'm just missing something and its already there) because I'd love to use it as part of my every day workflow. Already the app looks and runs far better than I would have imagined for a first release. Sorry for the wall of text. PS Really good execution in the presentation yesterday. Well done.
  9. This one has been repeatedly pushed back. The best you can do is pretend that Affinity never mentioned Publisher. It was supposed to hit beta last year. Then it was supposed to hit this year. Now it's a matter of "wanting to get it right" which could mean that it is still years off. I renewed my Adobe subscription and to be honest I am loving the CC suite again.
  10. Yikes, that is terribly unfortunate. So basically we're several years away before your publishing app will be ready for every day use because let's face it: the beta won't be dependable and the launched version will take quite a few updates before it is ready. So if you're saying a public beta SHOULD be available by the end of the year IF everything goes well, it is safe to assume that a beta for your publishing app won't be available until 2017. Nothing ever goes well in software development. Also as per an earlier announcement we SHOULD be in Publisher beta now. Given that neither Designer nor Photo are 100% ready to replace their Adobe counterparts yet it wouldn't be foolish to assume Publisher will go through a similar cycle. So basically we're left with the daunting reality that Affinity Publisher won't be ready to replace inDesign until sometime in 2018. Sorry to be so negative. I really do appreciate the work Affinity does. I've purchased both Photo and Designer and use them as often as my work allows. But given that both apps are still quite buggy and lacking features that should have appeared by now (ex. Filters Persona) and the next title (Publisher) keeps getting pushed further and further away I think it is time for me to pull the plug on this experiment and re-entrench in Adobe's ecosystem. Thank you all for your hard work. Best wishes and best of luck to all of you.
  11. Yikes. I consider actions/macro functionality a core feature of professional photo editing software. I hope it's not too long off because I could never function without automation in my workflow. Nevertheless, I'm wishing you good luck with your launch.
  12. If the Affinity suite had been announced as cross platform I doubt I would have ever downloaded the betas and later purchased AD (and soon AP wheeee!). Why? Because in my 20 years of work in design and development, it has been extremely rare to find cross platform software run as well on one platform as another. Software designed specifically for one platform always runs better. I'm so pleased with Affinity and the direction in which its heading that I'd prepay for Photo and Publisher if that were an option. If I knew that Affinity was simply trying to clone Adobe, I'd stay with Adobe. I think a lot of Windows creatives become very insecure when the topics of design and Macs are brought up because there's this old stereotype that Macs are for creatives and Windows is for video games and word processing. How frustrating to be told your work is not as good because of your OS! Those of us who use multiple OS know this isn't the case though. A good creative can make art, when pressed, on a VIC-20! I don't think Affinity, as some in this thread would assume, is trying to snub Windows. But instead they are minimizing development variables by building the best applications they can on only one platform. As far as market share goes, there's plenty of Mac only development studios that have had great success. I don't see why it can be the same for Affinity. And to the poster above me who wrote "Most people can't afford Apple products - well, most people outside of the US perhaps." I would argue that the audience for whom Affinity software is intended can afford any computer they'd like with minimal effort. My new MBP and 5k iMac together cost less than I charge for a standard client package and my studio is only middle-of-the-road. I think Affinity/Serif made the right choices and I am excited to see where everything leads. My wallet and body are ready!
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