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  1. I too would like to see dxf import. I just now went to do it and couldn't
  2. There is this plug-in for Illustrator: https://www.hotdoor.com/cadtools. Does it also work with Affinity Designer?
  3. As the 2.0 versions of Photo & Designer are released will it be apparent how to switch from mac app store versions to affinity store versions? thank you
  4. Now that I see my copy of Affinity Publisher was purchased direct from Affinity I would like to do the same with my copies of Affinity Photo and Affinity Design. Can I switch them or do I have to wait to do that when version 2.0 comes out? Thank you.
  5. I have exported from InDesign as InDesign Markup (IDML) with extension .idml. These files open directly in Scribus version 1.5.2. What I am losing, however, is the ability to make fractions with OpenType fonts since Scribus appears NOT to do this. This is something I need to do since I work with a lot of dimensions such as: 5/16", 15/32", 61/64", etc. Where I see that I AM able to do this is in Affinity Designer! It works wonderfully – one page at a time… I wonder if Affinity Publisher will be able to open these InDesign Markup (IDML) files directly (as the open source Scribus can do) since I assume Affinity Publisher will include Affinity Designer's ability to work with OpenType fonts to make fractions.
  6. Thanks. I had seen both of those answers before asking. Let me rephrase – how will I get my existing InDesign documents/files into Affinity Publisher?
  7. How wonderful! I shall be watching closely for it now. Thanks for replies.
  8. Does Affinity have plans to create an application for Desktop Publishing and which would also open InDesign and/or QuarkXpress files? Thank you.
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