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  1. "Affinity Publisher will be available as a Public Beta this Summer." OK, so today is 8th June, we are already a good way through summer so when, i.e. the date, by which we can look forward to this alleged beta release. Frankly, the delays we have already endured are unforgivable. Serif should have got one platform complete BEFORE including others like Windows or iPad versions. If AP is not "up to the mark", I for one will look elsewhere, and this from someone who started with PP3!
  2. "soon-to-be-released Affinity Publisher." Any idea WHEN?
  3. tiago1801 Absolute rubbish. Affinity started on the Mac whereas Windows has always gad the excellent "plus" suite
  4. updates via app store are not working. Come on Affinity, give us direct links via this forum!
  5. Well, here we are into November and STILL no sign or whisper of Affinity Publisher. Does anyone have ANY idea when this may be published?
  6. Like AirMax, I have recently had the need to print contact sheets but could find no way of doing this in AF. My solution, not elegant, go back to PhotoPlus X6! Come on Affinity, you are producing a PhotoShop competitor without the basic tools and in many instances is less useful than its predecessor.
  7. Is there any news of the release date for Affinity Publisher, when will it be available even as a beta download and is there a likely date for the full version?
  8. The "new look" Affinity Light should be a great improvement over the existing black or grey which I have always found it difficult to work with and it brings it more into line with the PP and DP apps.
  9. I'm just somewhat sceptical after all the previous promises. In other words, I'll believe it WHEN I've seen it.
  10. Thanks for the update fellas, but it really does not solve my problem. I do not understand why Publisher is taking so long. Originally we were promised bite by 4th quarter 2016, now, according to the latest (mis)information it will be 4th quarter 2017. Many of us switched to Affinity based on what we were told, i.e., 2016, now we are being told 2017. Hardly fair on us and no wonder we are getting somewhat annoyed. It would IMHO be preferable to get one suite complete before using programming resources to encompass other OSs, i.e. Windows.
  11. I just wish they would get on with it. Like others, I purchased Designer and Photo expecting Publisher to follow, but "NO". I have been a Serif user since PagePlus3 and now use X9 to produce, among other things, our parish magazine. For me, a suite of compatible programs is essential but Serif seem to be doing all they can to drive me, and doubtless others, away to what I will call the dark side. Come on Serif, let's at least get one complete suite in place before you start expanding your client base. For years there was only the "PLUS" programs available in Windows and I would suggest that with the Windows user base this was a very profitable and limited line. Now that they have moved into the Mac arena they appear not to care about the needs of their former supporters. Pushed back until the end of 2017? How simply ridiculous.
  12. You have produced Affinity Designer and Photo for the Mac and Windows and now it seems that it is available for the iPad. For some reason you appear to be ignoring those of us who have waited patiently for Publisher. I know it is available in Windows, but I want t on my Mac, then I can dump all Windows stuff. Why not concentrate on completing software for one platform first before digressing to others? IMHO, you are getting close to alienating many customers who have been loyal to Serif for many years (I have been with you since PP3) and by your activities or rather lack thereof, driving them to other software.
  13. This is very bad news. I was depending on publisher to complete my suite. At this rate, I might be better placed by going back to Adobe. I gave been a Serif user since PagePlus 3 and feel badly let down. At least they could let us know where they are at to enable fans to make a more informed decision about staying with Serif rather than leave us in limbo
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