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  1. At 1:25 try using Documents/Data Merge Manager making sure the merge enabled is ticked. With the default settings I can produce images with that but if I untick it I get the same result as you. Not sure what the desired behaviour is meant to be but it always produces a new separate document. Tested in release 191.1.979 and beta. Windows 10 with latest updates.
  2. Any chance this could go in the page number section of the Help file. Took a little while to find this info Thanks
  3. Using Beta all the metadata is carried across as expected. Bug fixed!. Now if only I could use that metadata in Publisher!!!
  4. There has been a lot of work done dealing with EXIF metadata in Photo 1.8. Would be great if some of that flowed over to Publisher with the use of metadata in captions for images.
  5. Just noted that the EXIF metadata for keywords xmp.dc/description/description/0 and author xmp/dc/creator/creator/0 are not being read by this beta version The version is working correctly.
  6. Miromike if you are stuck not seeing thumbnails in ACDsee you might want to try Photools iMatch DAM Thumbnails work for beta and release. Which makes me think it might be a ACDsee glitch rather than a Affinity one.
  7. Also noticed that the histograms are different between and The white coloured graph is missing on 1.7 edition which I use to set my blackpoints.
  8. Title, Caption and Photographer Copyright - all items that generally go with an image and prone to incorrectness when manually done. Big time saver!
  9. With my (windows) DAM - IMatch I can just drag and drop into the desired picture frame tool. The only improvement on that (for me) would be to allow linking as a default Works well with File Explorer as well.
  10. Its third party but works seamlessly with AP & DP - Imatch www.photools.com
  11. Can't go past Imatch - www.photools.com Works fantastic with AP & AD - shows thumbnails for those files. The best supported software on earth. Different work flow than Lightroom but I find it more logical.
  12. Been through a few DAM's but IMatch by photools.com is by far the most versatile. It may be developed by a small company but the developments and improvements over the last few years have been outstanding. Find something missing for your workflow! A post to the features section of the forum and chances are the developer will incorporate it very quickly. If only all software companies were so fluid and listened to their customers needs.
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