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  1. Great info - using this with a Autel Evo Pro 2 6k DNG file they all seem to have a Sony IMX383 image sensor so a little tweaking for personal preference/ lenses and job done. A side benefit when naming the file Autel is it now comes near the top of the list - no more scrolling Many thanks
  2. Many Thanks Walt. You where 100% spot on. Bad habit on mine not fully reading the instructions 😆
  3. @walt.farrell Please see screenshot showing additional dictionary folder
  4. I can confirm that the spell check for Australian language is not detected in the common folder. Affinity Pub
  5. With Data Merge this is a breeze. As Affinity Publisher isn't a DAM like LR you will need to collect the required EXIF metadata externally. I use iMatch to export the required field's as XML, TXT or CVS file. If the order of the photos are incorrect I use Custom sorting order in iMatch to regenerate a new CVS file. If you use Master pages and keep the field names the same recreating a new 100 page booklet takes a little over a minute. It is a different way of thinking from what I was used to but now I understand how it works I wouldn't change a thing. Well done Affinity Team!
  6. Beta After using the Data Merge Layout Tool on a page and then trying to place a picture frame or text frame inside it the guides just disappear. Works fine in release 1.9 and had been in Well it had been working in Beta but I think after some Windows 10 updates last week it stops working. Updated to but same problem. Uninstalled and reinstalled did not help. Sorry if this is a double post but my first post from a few days ago isn't showing.
  7. Hi @SPaceBar Even with the latest Customer Beta its not auto detecting the Delimiter which is a ; Just tried it on a new project. When I use a , Delimiter works without the extra update step.
  8. Not sure when this started happening. Been using existing templates but when I try to create a new page with the Layout Tool it disappears. Steps taken create a new document/page. Draw using layout tool. Shows up fine. Place a picture frame into where the layout tool is and as soon as you click the Layout Tool disappears. In the navigator you can see the picture frame tool. Still works great on release but not on Beta 10.0.1103 or the previous Beta. Windows 10 latest updates installed.
  9. @Joachim_L Thank you, Thank you!!! Works great and now saves me heaps of time moving the window.
  10. @Pauls Thanks for logging that. @Joachim_L Double clicking on the top of the windows does adjust the window but only to maximum size. I can't make it smaller to fit in the monitor like it used too.
  11. Using the Data Merge Manager I can no longer resize the floating window? Have the same problem with beta and non beta. Every other window works as expected. No other program I use has the issue either. As shown in the images I can resize Publisher but when opening Data Merge Manager it takes up the whole screen with no control over it. Main monitor is 4k and normally I could drop the floating window onto the HD monitor but now it remains fixed at 4k size. Running windows 10 os build 19043.1081
  12. Publisher will detect if there is a file with the same name in the destination folder and ask to overwrite it. The filename for the jpeg's is created from the saved documents name and the _1 or _01 in your case is the page number from the document page number. A logical way of working. You can of course change the file name to whatever you want after export.
  13. Starting with Publisher the Data Merge Manager no longer auto detects the Delimiter in a CSV file. Was working before. Same applies to the latest beta as well. A manual update works. Am using a ; as a separator.
  14. At 1:25 try using Documents/Data Merge Manager making sure the merge enabled is ticked. With the default settings I can produce images with that but if I untick it I get the same result as you. Not sure what the desired behaviour is meant to be but it always produces a new separate document. Tested in release 191.1.979 and beta. Windows 10 with latest updates.
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