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    How is spelling supposed to work? Usually in programs, it's underlined in red but nothing ever happens in Publisher?
  2. You can skip through the video but it shows that the marking menu changes based on the object, based on what mode the program is in. Even without any 3d experience its clear how useful this could be. I think that Affinity photo, with it's personas concept and modern workflow thinking, could achieve something like this. There's room for it.
  3. Hi, If anyone is familiar with the 3d program Maya, one of the huge advantages of this program is the contextual based marking menus. I think the concept of icons on a menu is somewhat an a much slower process and somewhat old school. When using Maya, it is very fluid being able to mouse gesture to achieve an operation. It's also very customizable to the point one can use Maya without any menus on screen due to how powerful the marking menu is. It's a dream using Maya due to not slowing down, looking for icons and or menus. One who has installed mouse based gestures for Chrome/Firefox would know just how useful this is for those programs. Point is. Since Affinity is aiming as a modern app, is it a good idea to think about contextual based gestures? Is it possible for the devs to consider? Currently, Affinity is still a bit clunky with looking for icons and menus at the top of the screen.
  4. Ahah! Thanks. Sorry, I didn't pick up on the concept of pixel layer vs image layer but it makes sense now. Thanks for the support everyone!
  5. I managed to reproduce. If you "paste inside" from the clipboard into a picture frame, it seems the grey x doesn't go away. I guess this is the crux of the issue. However if one saves the image onto the HDD, then imports it in normally, the grey x disappears.
  6. PhaseOne figured out how to import lrcats (with most settings), so it can be done.
  7. Hmm, this is perhaps a bug. I can definitely confirm that flood select does not work. I'm on Windows 10 here too. If a dev can PM me, I've recorded a step by step video. However if I link to the video, real name will appear so prefer to PM. As for the issue, the select operation appears in history but there are no marching ants (it's enabled to view), the correct layer is selected however it simply does not work. Selection brush works though!
  8. Is there anything wrong with my UI on why the flood select tool would fail to select the white space? Wish I could GIF this!
  9. Ah thanks @firstdefence - however I wasn't getting the checkered background! So when I deleted the surroundings, I was left with a white background. Such a simple mistake! Edit: argh, sorry. This is hard to figure out the minute differences. When pasting a clipboard image into a new document, it seems the flood select tool doesn't work. Selection brush works perfectly but clicking on white space with the selection brush doesn't do anything (new is selected for the mode).
  10. It seems that when inserting from scratch (as you mentioned, File > Place) works fine. However if you paste an image into the picture frame, one is stuck with the grey x/outline.
  11. Sorry about this one, tried looking it up to no avail. In Publisher, some picture frames have a light x over the images, which prints out. However some picture frames this light x is behind the image. Is there a way to get all the picture frame elements to have the light x behind the image? Thanks.
  12. Does anyone know how to cutout objects to make an item with a transparent background? It takes a few seconds in Photoshop with a multitude of options but for some reason, attached Affinity photo file doesn't seem to be able to select and remove the whitespace for files pasted from the clipboard? It just always ends up with a white background no matter if I erase or not. I can't get a transparent checkered background. I've tried rasterizing the file, I've tried using "select sampled colour", I've tried merging all the layers but can't get a clean cutout? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! cutout.afphoto
  13. The Capture One tools, colour editors and management are indeed leading on the technological front. I had to go back to Lightroom the other day and remembered that after 20 minutes of use ,it'll bring ANY high end workstation to its knees with it's system consumption and various memory leaks. It's really showing it's age these days and no wonder Adobe are pouring everything into the web based software. Capture One is the answer!
  14. Thanks, was just curious. Yes, always possible to just export a final as a TIF or whatnot to edit in other apps. It was just a handy feature of the PSD format but I guess was more a result of being around decades!
  15. Hi, I was wondering, is afphoto designed like the PSD format in that one day other software will be able to read the composite data or such that it's editable in other programs? One useful thing with PS is that PSD's are able to be read in other software like Capture One Pro, which elimates the need for extra files. It can just read the master file.