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  1. Hi, I saw the wonderful new feature announced about the divide layer and how it can be used to correct whitebalance/color casts. Great! I thought. However it is next to useless (for particular cases on removal of color casts) because on every case, the color of the divide fill layer will effect the brightness/value. For instance when using it to correct tungsten on walls, there will be patches that go pure white, 255, 255, 255. Is there a way to get Divide layer it to correct Hue/Saturation only? In photoshop, the curves tool can be used, with the middle color picker) to correct color casts and it is mighty effective. Is there a solution to this in AF?
  2. Just to update it seems to happen with all files. To fix, convert to picture frame and it'll update as expecetd
  3. Hi there, Just a note that placing a PSD in via link works, but when the source PSD is updated/saved, while Publisher detects the change , it fails to update. One has to keep placing in new PSD files. Thanks
  4. Is this in the pipeline? Pretty much have photoshop still installed because of this feature :(
  5. @Gabe Attached is a reproducible file. This one, while I can't get it to 32gb of RAM like our internal reports, it shows how there is a serious bug with Affinity. Just opening this test file, it will lock up a computer and it's a 3mb PDF... Downloads.zip
  6. Hey Gabe, sorry for the late reply. We are creating reports and consultants have been sending us their reports in PDF format. We've had affinity import these pdfs into a master afpub file, so like 100+ pages of native content and 70/80 pages of just linked PDF pages. This is where the problems arise. It can happen as above (uneMule's) experience. To test, if you load any multipage PDFs into Affinity Publisher (over 100 pages it becomes most obvious) there is some sort of a memory leak + slowdown. The program bogs down so much that it is practically unusable. In the end we just create our content in Affinity Publisher and use Adobe Acrobat for merging in consultant PDFs and further editing as it handles 100+ pages perfectly and no memory leaks.
  7. Opening a 3mb Affinity pub file now....20gb of ram and 100% cpu for 30 mintes It's borked.
  8. With some documents, does anyone else hit a wall where after like 200 pages of linked content, Affinity gets stuck on 10gb+ of RAM, 25% CPU and just gets stuck on saving for hours. It doesn't crash, but it doesn't save or the UI doesn't change. The document is usable but unsavable when becomes too many pages.
  9. Hi I read that MSI files are available for educational users? I tried searching but we have a small office and NONE of our users can be bothered upgrading everytime there is a release as it's not automatic. Is an MSI available so we can integrate it into our software patch system?
  10. It turns out that what is happening is that with the Adobe ecosystem, one can save PDF's so that when it opens in PDF readers it opens at a certain view. ie in this case pages, side by side. The line drawn down the middle was happening because of this. Sorry for the confusion everyone! I just hope Affinity can get the option to save out PDF's with some "initial view" options as the screenshot above.
  11. Ok, so what's going on is that under Adobe's Publisher there is a set initial view for PDF options... See "Page Layout". Could Initial view tab like below be added to Affinity Publisher as a request? Thanks
  12. How do I fix this? It's not intuitive for the text to hit end of a textbox then spill out the side like this? How to keep the text to goto the next row and stay within the text box?
  13. missing font in document locate button doesn't do anything at all, so everytime a document opens the missing font appears and no way to manually find where it is oops should be affinity publisher
  14. As suspected that doesn't really work in an office. So everyone will have different default fonts. Devs didn't think about that one properly
  15. Is there seriously not a default font available in Affinity? "Default font" returns no search results in help.. I've taken over a document where people have been pasting text from emails, word etc and have ended up with this. There is no way to delete these extra fonts at all.
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