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  1. missing font in document locate button doesn't do anything at all, so everytime a document opens the missing font appears and no way to manually find where it is oops should be affinity publisher
  2. As suspected that doesn't really work in an office. So everyone will have different default fonts. Devs didn't think about that one properly
  3. Is there seriously not a default font available in Affinity? "Default font" returns no search results in help.. I've taken over a document where people have been pasting text from emails, word etc and have ended up with this. There is no way to delete these extra fonts at all.
  4. No style doesn't work unfortunately https://affinity.help/photo/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/Text/textStyles_remove.html?title=Removing text styles Affinity resets the font to a missing font for some reason and will not change the font size, so othe whole document is a mix and I've been going around manually fixing everything which is a nightmare
  5. Whenever I paste without formatting in a document, it reverts back to a missing font. Which text style is the default for the document? In word it's normal. I have the "base" text style set to use arial but I can't work out what text style controls the defualt font + size. Sorry for such a basic questions.
  6. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/337305725/ In this video he talks about local adjustments. (when text has the + sign next to the paragraph style or font style) But how do you remove the plus and get the text to use the text style rules? Sorry, it's just not clear to me in looking through the help docs or UI
  7. Thanks, however the requirements must mean that there are two facing pages with a line down the middle indicating the two pages. Sorry, the red squares are different sizes as they are screen-captured mark ups censoring the pages as it's a tender document. However yes, they are indicating separate pages. I'm not sure how to explain it but basically when I have a document setup as "facing pages", inside Affinity Publisher it is correctly displaying two pages side by side. However when Affinity Publisher exports, it's no longer two pages side by side but double page side by side. You can see this because all PDF readers like Adobe, Foxit etc are displaying the PDF like this (double page side by side) I have been told that Adobe doesn't do this, so I believe Affinity may need a new export feature that it exports facing pages as exactly that - two pages side by side instead of double pages side by side as above.
  8. Sorry, to clarify, the people I'm issuing to are confused when they received the PDF as they could not work out it was two pages. This is what's happening in Foxit. The two pages becomes four pages across. But the Page spread setup in Affinity publisher is two facing a4 pages.
  9. Hi, So when working with facing pages, there's this really nice line down the centre of the page When I export as PDF though it vanishes and I've got feedback that the lack of this line confuses people when reading PDFs. Is there a way to keep this line in the PDF export? I suppose as a workaround I could just draw a line but hoping there is a native solution.
  10. I can't - sorry as it's a sensitive tender document. However it is the latest public release of Publisher. What was happening as a clue though, is that when saving the child document (while the master document was open), an error would appear mentioning the document was unable to create a temporary file. If it happens again, I will record it for further analysis
  11. Thanks everyone. I've got about 35 linked images and pdfs with the largest being 3.74MB JPG and largest PDF being 12MB and 21 pages. The whole document is 145 pages and currently behaving itself today, but it's idling at 16GB Yesterday it climbed to using 27GB of ram and it would start using the pagefile. It never crashed but gosh it was slow. I will work out what is triggering this leak if I can
  12. That's what it looks like when linked in from another affinity publisher document. It displays like this, it exports like this...but the original document is native affinity text and displays fine. The linking part has issues.
  13. There's a memory leak in this program. It's pretty bad and causing all sorts of issues. There's no reason a document with linked images should be using above 32gb of RAM
  14. Placed an affinity publisher document into another document (24 pages). EVERY SINGLE time I open the master docuemnt, the placed docuement resets the pages so instead of 1-24, it's page 5, page 5, it's extremely frustrating to manually update by hand the page numbers every time I open the master docuement which I believe to be a bug in the last release. Thanks
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