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  1. I am pretty sure Affinity worked well with my previous Mavic Pro, now with Mavic 2 is unusable, it cannot work on a raw file, I have to switch back to Lightroom.
  2. When importing DNG RAW files from a DJI Mavic Drone, Affinity does not recognize the built- in lens profile for lens correction. The profile is there, Lightroom and other programs recognize and use it to correct distortion. The drone is the very well known Mavic 2, the profile name is DJI FC2204
  3. let’s make things easier and simpler. You can do everything you see on the tutorial, except from the pattern. Wich is just a copy/paste or a duplicate layer, then masked only where needed. So use dust filter in live mode, duplicate main layer+love filter, apply a mask
  4. In Affinity Photo Mac the Colour Balance Adjustment Layer has a bug: the "Preserve luminosity" option does not work. It does not make any difference, while on iPad it works fine.