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  1. Thanks for the insight, Dave. Like others here, my work is academic and research-based, thus the need for citation footnotes (and a corresponding mobile version of the app, since much of my research is done in repositories, but hey---one thing at a time, right?). When foot/end note capability is introduced, I hope they'll function inside table cells too. That critical element is sometimes overlooked by developers. Looking forward to future iterations of Publisher....
  2. Thanks to both of you for the suggestions---I'm going to give this a try, confident that a little "trial and error" will do the trick. :)
  3. Hi there, Others have used Photoshop to restore faded text from old document scans, but hey---I've left PS for Affinity, so that doesn't help. :) Anyone know how to do this, or know where I can find step-by-step instructions? The documents I'm working with are carbon copies of typed pages, circa 1947, scanned in at 400dpi jpg (can rescan in another format, if needed). Hope someone out there can help; I'm resurrecting a couple hundred pages of my great-grandfather's daily typed journals (most of which are legible enough on their own, but a few that need some Affinity Photo magic and
  4. Might be a bit late to the party, but hey. Are there free trials for both APh and AD? I'm determined to leave Adobe in the dust, but feel it prudent to test drive apps first, before plunking down $100 combined. Also...any bundle options? Can't wait for APub. InDesign has been a pivotal part of my desktop work forever (read: started out in PageMaker a thousand years ago).
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