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  1. Hi Walt and NPM, I found it. I totally missed the list at the top. Thank you.
  2. Hi Walt Thanks for the reply. When I click on that drop down list it only has the two png options.
  3. Hi How do I export to pdf a file in Affinity Designer 2 that is composed of two scanned images (.png) and a text frame. When I open export I only have png options. I can't see pdf. I have Windows 11. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have replaced a laptop and after installing the font used in many of my affinity created documents, the font is replaced with another, even though I reinstalled the font I want. How do I correct this without opening my many documents and replacing the font correctly in each. It can even display the font name correctly but the text is still in another font. When I select the font and replace it with the correct font, the displayed font name will now be shown in the text correctly. Any ideas. Thanks
  5. Hi RC-R To clarify, I made an earlier comment that I had the 'retrieve margins from printer button" on my Windows 10 AD desktop version My reply was to Walt's comment that there is no new page option, as he thought I was mistaken. I referred to new page options instead of new document. I was trying to say that it would be more useful to have the button re 'retrieve margins from printer' when creating a new document rather than then, needing to edit the new document to get the correct margin for my printer. Sorry for any misunderstanding. It thus, appears that it must be a Mac issue.
  6. Is this referring to AD on Macs or all? I am using AD on Windows 10 and have the retrieve margins from printer button but unfortunately it is not in new page options. At this point I have to know what my printer margins are and type them in, else I have to say create. Next, I need to go to document setup > margin tab and there I find the button at the bottom.
  7. hi R C-R, Thanks for the reply. I agree that the original sitting cat is the best. I went to the other post and found it interesting. The alt key didn't work for me but another mentioned shift key in windows which worked well. I was also able to import the three versions of cat into my assests. Thanks a lot.
  8. Designer- the cat shape has changed from sitting to walking and no longer appears in the shape options tool. Why is it not included - only available under customise? Thanks
  9. Thanks FirstDefence, I have windows 10. I did the cascade windows and it worked straight away.
  10. Hi, I have tried to open the new document window in Affinity Publisher on my desktop, but it floats off screen so that the top of the window is missing everything above the line 'press ready'. It doesn't occur in Designer or Photo. It happens on both the laptop and the attached monitor screen.The laptop is touch screen but I can't move the new document window using touch either. Any ideas on how to get it to appear fully on screen - either screen. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I am about to reinstall Windows 10 on my computer. I bought Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher for desktop from the Affinity store/website. When I searched the forum to find out how to locate my licence information, I found a post showing the path to locate the licence.xml file. I have located these for Publisher and Photo, but when I do the same for Designer and open the 1.0 folder it is empty. There is also a Common folder but I didn't see anything relevant there either. Any ideas. Thanks Christine Solved. I found out that I can log into my account at Affinity and access the details there. Thanks
  12. Thank you I had forgotten about the full menu for effects. I have got close to what I want. Just experimenting.
  13. Hi, I have a circle and would like to make it concave just like the concave bevel in Word. How would I achieve this please? Thanks Christine
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