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  1. Thanks Benrymnd, I tried reinstalling Photo but it made no difference. Still have a problem.
  2. Hi, This may not be related but needing to use "save as" as the file is read only has happened quite a few times to me in general not just when using Affinity. For me, this problems occurs on my Windows computer due to a bug in Preview Pane. It occurs if you have preview pane turned on when opening a file from Windows Explorer. In this case, the file will open as read only and will not let you just save. You need to use save as. If I realise what has happened, I close the file before working in it and go back to Windows Explorer and close Preview Pane (under View menu) and reopen the file with no issue. I now make it a habit to turn off Preview Pane when I have finished previewing files so I avoid this issue. I hope this helps if it is the cause. Good luck.
  3. Hi all, I just can't get inpainting to work. I have the correct tool. Under edit the in-paint option is greyed out. I have opened a photo and duplicated it. I have tried various options. The opacity is at 100% as suggested in some posts. I have added a pixel layer and tried current and below. I have unlocked the original layer. I have tried it on all three layers at different times, so it isn't using the wrong layer: the orginial, duplicate and pixel layer. I have run out of ideas. By the way I have used inpainting successfully previously. Any help appreciated.
  4. Hi Walt. You were spot on. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I don't understand why my artboard's text and shape outlines suddenly became blurry. I went back using the History panel but the blurriness now applies back to the beginning. See screenshot. I would love to know how to resolve and why it happened. Thank you.
  6. Hi Callum, I tried out the advice, about changing the default apps. What solved the problem and reverted my af.design files back (instead of af.pub beta) was to reset the default apps to those recommended by Microsoft. Hopefully it is solved permanently. Thank you.
  7. Hi, I have had two unusual experiences and wandered if anyone else has experienced it. Not sure if this should be here or in bugs. It is temporarily solved, as I am not sure if it will happen again. My computer is Windows 10 with the latest update a few days ago. This morning in File explorer I found Designer files showing as publisher files. I took a snip of two of them. I restarted my computer to see if this solved the problem, but it didn't. I opened one of them in designer, then did Save As but it told me I already had this file and would I like to replace it. I cancelled. Next, I did save as again but added to the file name. When I returned to File Explorer the files all showed as Designer as they should have been. See snippets of two files taken this morning showing as I found them and later maybe 40 mins after the Save As changed them back. In the last few days, I also saw some of my publisher files (not sure if beta or not) become labelled as Designer, but they reverted again to correct without any intervention from me, so I ignored it. Any ideas or similar experience? Tonight it has happened again. This time I opened a file I created in Designer to convert it to a Publisher file. As soon as I saved it as a Publisher file, all my Designer files are now in orange for Publisher with the beta icon, but still retain the .afdesign as per the 1st snippet above. The file I changed has the correct Publisher file icon (not beta). I didn't open a Beta file at all. My Beta is the expired version. What is happening?
  8. Sorry, I have found the answer. I simply missed the little arrow at the side that displays or hides. Such a silly mistake.
  9. Thanks, I too found the old styles good and am glad I can reload them.
  10. Hi Ej2019, I have found the forums very useful in answering any problems I might have and reading other posts can be informative. When in the forum, I click on a topic to read it, then after scrolling past any other replies there will be a posting box (text box) at the bottom with your name icon . Click in it and write your comment. When finished hit submit reply. See screenshot. I hope this helps.
  11. Hi, I am using publisher's latest edition and suspect that I accidentally turned off a setting. Normally, in the pages panel it will show my 12 pages which I can use to rearrange them. However, now all I see is blank space. In the content panel my pages are still there and I can scroll to see each of them. I tried resetting the studio. Does anyone know how to get the display back to normal in the pages panel please? Thanks
  12. Hi Lagset, Not sure if this will answer your question or help. I have files in the beta that I want to convert. At present, I can select the file, right-click and select open with and choose the retail version of Affinity Publisher. I have Windows 10. When I have artboards it asks if I want to convert to spreads. This has worked for me. I then use save as to save to the new Affinity Publisher.
  13. Hi, Whilst rearranging my pages in Publisher, two of them suddenly had all elements not black text become red. As I continued moving pages, 1 reverted back to normal. I had another change and then revert. However, I cannot get the original page to change back to how it should be. It reminds me of the red when refining, but only on my curves, images and shapes. Here is a sample. Green doughnut shape, blue pencil, blue curve in the shape of a two. Is this a glitch? Am I missing something? Thanks I have done some further testing. I did save as for the file and went back to the original and repeated the process with a similar result and noticed in the layers panel two new items. When I deselect the recolor adjustment the page reverts back to what it should be. The problem is that I didn't make a colour adjustment I only rearranged the pages. To be more exact I had a 12 page document in single page spread and wanted to change it to facing pages and then rearranged the pages. I am still learning publisher, so perhaps this is not an expected process.
  14. Hi How do I centre a table on a page vertically. Mine starts at the left margin and leaves a small gap on the right side? Thanks

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