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  1. Thanks to all, It was just the inset for the text frame. I didn't know the terminology inset.
  2. Hi, I would like to know how to add cell margins to my text frame in publisher. The text is flush against the bounding box which I find visually annoying and text can be hidden by the arrow or dot on the boundary. Is there a simple way to do this please? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies, I have solved the problem. One I missed an opacity setting. The other white rectangle I replaced and the replacement worked fine. Still have no idea what the problem was with it. It wouldn't accept any colour I set.
  4. Hi, I am still learning. I have inserted two objects that are set to white with 100% opacity, thus they should be solid white. However, they are placed over other objects of colour and that shows through the white objects with part transparency. I can't figure out why. Am I missing or forgetting a setting somewhere? Thanks for any help.
  5. Hi I am using artistic text and want to force a line break without it automatically using a capital letter. My aim is to have a phrase per line, e.g. The dog ran (next line) over to me. Is this possible? Thanks
  6. Hi, With the previous Designer version, you could click on use margins from printer. I cannot see this feature in the new select page section. Do I need to create a custom page for each size I want, then add my printer's margins or is there a setting I am missing? Thanks in anticipation.
  7. Hi, Just some thoughts on troubleshooting. I have had a picture missing before when I wanted to print and the trouble was a white shape over it, that I forgot was there. On another occasion, another picture that has a white area overlapped. Is there something in your layer panel that could be causing a problem? Try turning the visible icons on and off to see if anything appears or disappears. Hierarchy, in the layers panel - something higher up is hiding your objects. However, the fact that the PDF works fine suggests these might not help. Another thought, is have you tried deleting pages 4 and 5 so that anything on it is removed then inserting new pages to redo the design? You can drag the new pages into the correct location.
  8. Hi Maurice, I am still relatively new to Publisher, but I have moved 4 pages at once. My arrangement is facing pages as a booklet. In the pages panel, clicking on one page (left or right) will select it and it can be moved. Clicking in the middle of the double page will select the two pages, which can then be moved. If you then hold control and click on a second double page you can move all four pages together. Once selected, drag and a blue line will appear in front of the page your cursor is at. Release when at the location you want. I have done this and all the content on the pages was included. I have included a screen shot just in case this is what you are after. It shows the rearrangement of 2 double page spreads. Originally they were numbered sequentially. If this would solve your problem, I would recommend making a copy our document to try it on. Good luck. In addition, I tried this with 3 linked text boxes and they moved correctly. I am not sure what you mean by (The pages panel doesn't scroll thumbnails when I drag to the upper edge within the panel.) You can widen the pages panel to see more at once to make rearranging easier. Place your cursor over the right edge until you see a two-headed arrow then drag.
  9. Thanks, I was using the Grid and Axis Manager, which means I would need to draw shapes and lines over the grid. It would be good to have an option to make them printable in the future. Thanks again for the speedy reply.
  10. Hi, If I use a grid adjusted to my requirements in designer and place content in it, can I also print the grid lines in black. Thanks
  11. Hi, I am using a table in publisher and would like to adjust the cell padding (how close the text is to the edge) of some cells. Is there a way to do this? Thanks
  12. Thanks Benrymnd, I tried reinstalling Photo but it made no difference. Still have a problem.
  13. Hi, This may not be related but needing to use "save as" as the file is read only has happened quite a few times to me in general not just when using Affinity. For me, this problems occurs on my Windows computer due to a bug in Preview Pane. It occurs if you have preview pane turned on when opening a file from Windows Explorer. In this case, the file will open as read only and will not let you just save. You need to use save as. If I realise what has happened, I close the file before working in it and go back to Windows Explorer and close Preview Pane (under View menu) and reopen the file with no issue. I now make it a habit to turn off Preview Pane when I have finished previewing files so I avoid this issue. I hope this helps if it is the cause. Good luck.
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