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  1. Hi... I have bought Affinity Publishers on Mac, the app ask me very often the autorisations for the photos, it proposed me to make an autorisation globale, I says yes... but the problems still... I can't export to pdf too, the app saying I haven't the autorisations... I don't understand... I can't do nothing, I can't export any documents, for example, with a document with only one page and I have an error too...
  2. I didn't download Affinity Publisher, but I have seen the 16 videos... I'm surprised, the version look very good, I will buy it immediately, and stop inDesign and all Adobe...
  3. Thanks, I didn't download the beta version, I will buy the final version directly... Hope, it will be in 2019 for the final version... I 'm waiting Affinity Publisher since a long time, I'm a little impatient -)
  4. Hello, I'm waiting the version final of Affinity Publisher, I have read in some forums, it was at the end of 2018, when we can hope a commercial version ?
  5. ok, thank you for your answer, I make an option of iCalamus, I m not sure now, XPress or iCalamus, Affinity is not an option for the moment. XPress have a lot of possibility like inDesign, iCalamus is for simply publishing and doing well... Affinity Publishing is not an option for the moment, I will buy it when it 's will be on sales to have the trilogy...
  6. Thanks for your answer TonyB, i thing it's better to wait and have a program without many bugg... So, I will pay for one year more Adobe CC, anyway, for the moment, except XPress, there is no more choice...
  7. Hello, I have read, Affinity is going to make Affinity Publishet at the end of 2016 in Beta for an lunch in the beginning 2017... I have bought Affinity Photo and Designer, but not used for the moment, I still with the Adobe CC, I need a similar indesign similar program... So my question is when Affinity Publisher is going to launch ?