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  1. I have resolved this problem, I have delete the App, downloading a new version, and delete all preferences with the "Ctrl" at the launch of App... (The problem was what you says, the export of pdf, tiff and jpg and more was impossible, it was a problem of permission)
  2. Well, I can't make none PDF, so what the solution... For an app who make publisher document, for the moment this app no serve for nothing... The app ask me authorization each time I open a file... After when I want to export for printing my document in PDF, Affinity Publisher says me "Autorisation refusée" and make me an error... PLEASE MAKE A SOLUTION QUICKLY OF THE PROBLEM OF PRINTING AND EXPORT PDF !!! THE APP FOR THE MOMENT CAN'T BE UTILISATED FOR NOTHING !!!
  3. Hi... I have bought Affinity Publishers on Mac, the app ask me very often the autorisations for the photos, it proposed me to make an autorisation globale, I says yes... but the problems still... I can't export to pdf too, the app saying I haven't the autorisations... I don't understand... I can't do nothing, I can't export any documents, for example, with a document with only one page and I have an error too...
  4. I didn't download Affinity Publisher, but I have seen the 16 videos... I'm surprised, the version look very good, I will buy it immediately, and stop inDesign and all Adobe...
  5. Thanks, I didn't download the beta version, I will buy the final version directly... Hope, it will be in 2019 for the final version... I 'm waiting Affinity Publisher since a long time, I'm a little impatient -)
  6. Hello, I'm waiting the version final of Affinity Publisher, I have read in some forums, it was at the end of 2018, when we can hope a commercial version ?
  7. ok, thank you for your answer, I make an option of iCalamus, I m not sure now, XPress or iCalamus, Affinity is not an option for the moment. XPress have a lot of possibility like inDesign, iCalamus is for simply publishing and doing well... Affinity Publishing is not an option for the moment, I will buy it when it 's will be on sales to have the trilogy...
  8. Thanks for your answer TonyB, i thing it's better to wait and have a program without many bugg... So, I will pay for one year more Adobe CC, anyway, for the moment, except XPress, there is no more choice...
  9. Hello, I have read, Affinity is going to make Affinity Publishet at the end of 2016 in Beta for an lunch in the beginning 2017... I have bought Affinity Photo and Designer, but not used for the moment, I still with the Adobe CC, I need a similar indesign similar program... So my question is when Affinity Publisher is going to launch ?
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