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  1. Hi Lee, thanks you. The screen displays a white screen with the tools pattern then move on to a normal window of Affinity Photo. The problem occurs with all of the PSD file in Lightroom 4 that I edit in AP. With El Captain did not happen. Thanks you and sorry for my english
  2. I installed the update 1.4.3 Affinity Photo and after Osx Sierra iMac number of C17K2BJZDNCR series, now Affinity Photo has an abnormal memory consumption, fails to save a simple image with 12Mb graphic file consists of five active levels, I can be exported with great difficulty. I reinstalled A Photo Osx and Sierra but things have not improved.
  3. Nice to meet you Leigh and thanks a lot for all :)
  4. Hello, a few months use Affinity Photo, it is possible to create contact sheets directly or via a plug in ? Thanks