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  1. Affinity Photo and Designer register finger swipe on the touchscreen as brush inputs. This makes quite a lot of unwanted strokes when using devices with touch display such as Microsoft Surface devices. Is there any way to configure Affinity Photo and Designer to change the way they react to touchscreen input? It would be very helpful to at least be able to set up the software to ignore the touch inputs entirely.
  2. Affinity Photo registers single touch inputs as a brush input. This is not ideal when using the software on penabled devices. Computers with an active stylus (i.e. Surface, Cintiq) let users rest their palm on the screen while using the pen, but the technology is not perfect and occasionally there are glitches where computer registers users' hand as a single finger touch input. It results in small dots and strokes all over the canvas, and it is quite frustrating to see your work speckled with these glitches after merging all the layers. It is also troublesome during the normal use as well, because you occasionally end up with unintentional lines when you just wanted to pan the canvas and unconsciously attempted to do so with only one finger as you do on many other apps. It would prevent a lot of frustrations if you could add an option to make the software react to single touch input differently rather than a brush input, for example, pan, brush size, or just do nothing.
  3. +1 I hate to see those little dots sprinkled all around the canvas.