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  1. Thanks for sharing your very interesting knowledge, took a look at the site and it’s amazing. And makes me think of all the talent that get left out because get no exposition at all.
  2. Adobe Fresco is more of a Procreate response. I have it and try it, it is fun to use and the live brushes are amazing as the watercolor and oil brushes behave very much like the real ones. Where the app falls is that is way to expensive as an alone app with a $9.99 monthly subscription or you need to have the Adobe membership to download it for free. You can download it and try it for 6 months I guess.
  3. There is a way to do it, follow me on this. create a file in AD on the iPad (text or nodes) close it and save it in to your ipad open the AD file in AP apply a perspective live filter save it close the one in the AD board open it again in AD from your ipad And there you have it an AD file with the perspective live filter in it. The affinity software is just one (as far as I know), but each one have different enabled features (I guess). So the code is there, we just need the developers to enable it. Note: I don’t know if it’s just me but my files app is a little bit buggy and some times don’t show the files. FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  4. In the photos app, open the cropped photo, then tap the share icon and select duplicate, that will make a copy of the crop photo that you can place in AD
  5. You can open AD files on AP and viceversa, to copy paste on another program what I do is select the object, go to the export dialog and tap the share option and then copy, that way I can paste as png anywhere, and don’t forget to select “selection without background”
  6. I found out by mistake, I guess it’s not written.
  7. It works on text too 3B5CBF61-9506-4CF3-9139-15A00D886AB0.MOV
  8. There is a work around, by touching slightly farther on the side handles and move it as I show on the video. AD 1.7.1 it’s easier to do with an Apple Pencil 7BE119AB-05B4-43CD-8CD8-4A1A6F323F28.MOV

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