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  1. Thank you so much Meb 😉
  2. Hi Meb, I am on Ipad with Affinity Photo 😉
  3. Hi 😉 I would like to superimpose two images so that the first image shows the one underneath by transparency Could someone tell me the way to do it ? Thank you.😀
  4. Hi 😉 About the light filter on Affinity Photo for Ipad I have 3 questions : -Can one add more than 2 effects ? I mean 3 spot light effects for instance. -The gesture taping with with 2 fingers to go back does not seem to work with the filter, is it true ? -Is there a way to hide the spot lines and keep the light effect ? Thanks.
  5. Hi Paul 😉 Thanks a lot. It works !
  6. Hi 😉 I have a strange issue on Affinity for Ipad. As you can see on the screenshot I have an all white page while my layers are all selected ! I can’t do anything, my images no longer appear… What did I do just before ? I imported a picture but I could not open it and the page went all white… Can someone help me ? Thanks.
  7. Hello 😉 As you can see in the screenshot enclosed I still have a problem : I can't have complete transparency in the center of the vignette. Does anyone have a solution?
  8. Thanks Alewan 😉 but in the meantime I found the solution ! For thoose who are interested, you have to create a mask if not, indeed its does not work… So with the Ipad version : -create a layer and create a black rectangle -go to the first menu (horny sheet) > Canvas> Transparent canvas so you can get a transparent background. -create a mask -With the gradient tool create a radial line tool or another one. -save in PNG format.
  9. Thank you Very much Wosven 😉 The point is that all the tutorials are for the office desk version of Affinity Photo, not for the Ipad one. On the other hand I am French and it is a little complex for me. Perhaps some member would be able to answer my simple question about the transparency issue I raised in my last post ? (…"the clear one does not show the transparent sheet with the little grey cross lines that is under… ")
  10. Thanks 😉 In fact I think it’s possible to do that with the ios version as with the desktop version. But I have an issue. Here is how I do it in the say you do. -I create a layer and create a black rectangle -I go to the first menu (horny sheet) > Canvas> Transparent canvas so I get a transparent background. -With the gradient tool I create a radial line -When I move it, there are a clear area and a dark one that I can change but the clear one does not show the transparent sheet with the little grey cross lines that is under… So there is no transparency. Can you see where is the problem ?
  11. Thanks a lot ! 😉 Can you tell me the way to darken the outside area, I can’t do it… and are you sure that I could export it with the transparency ?
  12. Hi, I would like to create a vignette document to use it on a video editing app. So I could overlay it on my clips. I mean a central white transparent area surrounded by a grey-black shading halo. Can someone explain to me how to do this with the Affinity gradients tools ? Thanks My problem is that the gradient tool doesn't seem to work on a transparent page…
  13. Hi stokerg 😉 No, it is not. But, now it seems working well. Strange, maybe a kind of bug… One can see it on the capture above : the little photo is blurred. The same one is ok now.… Thanks anyway 😉
  14. Hello everyone 😉 I try to import a photo in Affinity Photo that I’d like to change the size with "place" in the menu with 3 black dots. The picture is displayed well but it is with very poor quality, very pixelated. Can someone advise me? Thanks a lot.
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