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  1. Hi 😉 Can someone tell me how to make a multiple selection with the automatic selection tool ? Please note that I don't have keyboard shortcuts on an iPad...
  2. Thank you so much DM1 😉 your first video does not work. Anyway it works very well with the curve. But I have a problem with the gradient After cut out the face and selecting the gradient, the face turns blue...
  3. Hi I would like to change the colors of a face to harmonize it with two others on the same picture, it is too pale compared to the others. I know that there is the tool density plus and density less but they play on the tone, I would like to play also on the color (add little more red). Would there be a way, after having enclosed this face so as not to overflow, to use by instance curves tool to play on the color ? Thanks
  4. Thank you to both of you 👏
  5. And now an issue with the outline… On the picture you can see there is a blue text with a white border. I have 2 colors in the front and in the back : little circles in color One Blue and one white If I change, putting the blue in front and the white behind and inversely it does not change anything. How could I reverse it : a white text and a blue border ?
  6. Yees ! 😁 Thanks haako 😉
  7. The point is what is the way to change the color of a text in AP ?
  8. Thanks Alfred 😉 I already tried that : it does not work 😪
  9. Hi and happy new year everyone ! 😉 When I select a text in Affinity Photo and change the color only the contour (outline) changes of color. Yet in the fx layers the outline is not selected. Could someone help me ? Thank you.
  10. Thank you Alfred 😉 When I do what you said and change the name ("no name") then click "ok", the name "no name" stays written unstead of "my red".
  11. Thanks Alfred 😉 When I do that, it is named : "without name" Is it possible to write "my red" for instance ? If yes, what is the way to do it. ? and what about to have a folder with "my colors" in wich I could put all my favorites colors ?
  12. Yes, but if I change of layer the red will be repaced by another colour… Is "recent colour" the only way to memorise it ?
  13. Thanks Alfred…Bonne année ! 😉 Another little issue : how can one use the dropper (picker tool) when it has been used on one layer to on another one ? (Very bad English I presume…) Is it possible to memorise it ? I mean to get the same color saved on the first layer with the dropper (picker tool) on the second layer. (when I change of layer the color change)
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