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  1. Hi everyone ;) Is there way to display a "before / after" to see the effects of a modification on an image ?
  2. Thanks Toltec Affinity for Ipad is really awesome ! Imagine with the new Ipad Pro a12X Bionic...
  3. Hi everyone If I make an elliptical selection and I want to modify some parts on it as on the example of the attached video one uses the mouse or the keyboard to add or remove pieces (with + or -) of the selection but how do we do on an Ipad without keyboard and mouse ? Thanks http://www.cours-photophiles.com/index.php/le-traitement-d-image/153-affinity-interface-2
  4. Thank you Alfred I tried the way explained in the video with the meerkat but I can’t understand the point about the selected area. How does he select the head of the meerkate to sharp it and not his body and what is around it ? We can see that he zooms on the head and so what ? A zoom can’t sharp a picture... I know the animal which is named "suricate" in France bit I did not knew his English name.
  5. Sorry I made a mistake It is not the lions video example but this strange animal example after the lions.
  6. Thank you so much Paul But what about to sharp in an area only as with the lions on the video ? > What is this very strange castel ?
  7. Good evening everyone Enclosed a way to sharp a picture that I found on the web. The problem is that concerns the computer version of Affinity and I have a the iPad version. I found the blur filter but there are many of them. Wich one matches with the good one shown on the video ? And about the adjustements of the mask ? Could someone explain me how to adapt this method on the Affinity for Ipad ? Thank you. (I am interressed in the second way with the lions, in fact only sharping a part of a picture.) https://vimeo.com/130955729
  8. Hello I found the solution but not the explanation. I deselected the black and white layer and it works ! Why a black and white layer in a color photo ?
  9. Hi everyone I can not paint on a photo with Affinity. I selected the background layer the color selected for the brush is red and the trace is white... Can someone help me ?
  10. Thank you very much Dan I do not understand what you mean by "snapshot work" and the the "undo brush". Can you explain it to me ? Thanks.
  11. Hello everyone Can someone explain to me how does history of the changes work when one click on the little clock at the bottom right ? One can indeed select a window or click on the camera at the very end. What is the difference ? Thanks
  12. Sorry, so simple... found it.
  13. Hi everyone Anyone knows if a sharpness brush exits in Affinity for Ipad ? Thanks