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  1. John_Smith

    Text wrapping

    Hi Chis maybe you already solved the problem yourself as this thread is now two days old. I think in Publisher everything works fine. The Problem is with the imported Affinity Photo file. After some playing around with several solutions for transparencies in Affinity Photo I could find out wich ones would work for text wrap in Publisher. But first the possibilities that won't work What doesn't work is: New File > do not check "background transparent" > create new file > draw a path or shape > rasterize it > export as PNG, GIF, TIFF or safe as .afphoto. Open file > use normal layer masks for cutting out objects > save as PNG, GIF, TIFF (without layers) should work but not with an .afphoto file... What works is (allways set background to transparent when creating a new file): New File > create a shape or vector path > rasterize the layer with the object > export as PNG, GIF, TIFF or save as .afphoto New File > create a shape or vector path > export as PNG, GIF, TIFF or save as .afphoto Open File > use the "Pen Tool" to draw a vector path around the object you want to cut out > click "Mask" in the left corner of the context toolbar > safe as .afphoto Open File > use any selection too > create layer mask > "Rasterize", "Merge Down" or "Merge Visible" layer(s) > safe as afphoto I think for you could work the 4th solution. Text wrap works with (vector) shapes and vector paths, vector masks, raster images with true transparencies like GIF, TIFF (without layers), PNG and .afphoto files where masked layers are rasterized. Any mask layer active in the saved .afphoto file will interfere with the text wrap styles "Tight", "Inside" and "Edge". I Hope this will help. New Year's greetings John
  2. John_Smith

    Table cell sizes error

    Same here. Also the cell height cannot be changed correctly by typing values and using the mouse wheel hovering the value field. With the mouse wheel cell height becomes just bigger and bigger no matter if you scroll up or down.
  3. John_Smith

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi everybody I am Johannes from Germany. At school and work I always had to use Adobe CS and CC. All apps I used from this company felt very clumsy and non-intuitive to work with. When I discovered Affinity Photo and Publisher in the Microsoft Store last X-Mas it was like an illumunation how fluent and intuitive vector graphics and photo editing can be. Both apps are great with much potential and with publisher I hope that more companies and designers will switch to Affinity. I signed up a little bit earlier to this forum but I think with Publisher Beta it's time to introduce myself and reporting some bugs and suggestions to the Publisher Beta Forums. Regards John