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  1. First I really want to say that I am really impressed what Serif staff has created the last years and keeps on improving the product more and more. I used APub Retail from Serif Store to create the attached file showing the problem / bug. OS: Win 10 Pro 1909 Build 18363.1082 At work we evaluate the test versions of Affinity Suite since last week and I encountered the problem that objects which are pinned to text frames that are created on master pages vanish in the bleed area. They keep vanished after exporting to PDF X-1A. As soon as you unpinn the Objects they reape
  2. Hi everybody I am Johannes from Germany. At school and work I always had to use Adobe CS and CC. All apps I used from this company felt very clumsy and non-intuitive to work with. When I discovered Affinity Photo and Publisher in the Microsoft Store last X-Mas it was like an illumunation how fluent and intuitive vector graphics and photo editing can be. Both apps are great with much potential and with publisher I hope that more companies and designers will switch to Affinity. I signed up a little bit earlier to this forum but I think with Publisher Beta it's time to introduce myself and r
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