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  1. Had the symptoms described in the original post above, PSD files on Google Drive being grayed out, unavailable to import. But I saw one PSD was actually NOT grayed out… one that Affinity Photo exported there directly from the iPad. The grayed out ones were only the ones I had uploaded to Google Drive from my Mac via Safari. So the next thing I tried was to try uploading instead from Chrome, and wouldn't you know it… the file Chrome uploaded was fine to import into Affinity Photo! So there's a decent potential workaround: use Chrome on your Mac for Google Drive uploads. Not sure if this is a Safari Mac bug, or Google pulling some kind of shenanigans to make Safari look bad. But in any case, I wouldn't be surprised if there's nothing Affinity could do about it. —flyleaf
  2. Thanks Chris_K! My free space did come back, presumably because I did what you said, and closed the app from the app switcher. That's a MUCH better workaround than deleting the app.
  3. It seems as if A.Photo could be chewing up free space for a failed import from Dropbox, and forgetting to spit it out. Here's what I saw happen: Tried to import an 860 MB .psd (Photoshop CS5) from Dropbox, walked away. Later woke the iPad to see a full downloading/importing bar, which soon disappeared and kicked me back to the new/import chooser. I then confirmed that the file had not imported. Second try, I stayed and kept the iPad awake during the download. The progress bar filled in just a couple of minutes, but remained full for another 20+ minutes. Got a "storage almost full" alert, and then got kicked back again. Again, confirmed the file was not successfully imported. Now I started looking at free space and usage. A.Photo using around 9 GB. And about 1.2 GB local free space remaining, so I deleted another 1 GB of stuff from A.Photo and my photo stream. Third try, starting with 2.2 GB free. I clocked 25 minutes from when the progress bar got full until the "storage almost full" alert came again. Another failed import, but local free space now down to just 200-something MB!! And A.Photo now using just over 8 GB. What? Where did my 2 GB free space go then? I am so stuck. I might try deleting the app, but if the app isn't claiming the missing storage space, would it even help? Please help, what should I do? —flyleaf