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  1. But taking into account that there's plenty of room on the context bar, they could put the stroke color selector there. After all, stroke is very often used with main color. At least I use it almost all the time, but I'm into video. Maybe it's not as useful for people who are mostly into still images. Anyway, it ain't no deal breaker by any stretch of the imagination. But what I like about Affinity over Photoshop, it's its quickness. It's all those little details that make it so much more enjoyable to use. If they keep hiding stuff under menus, they'll be kind of downgrading what I think is one of their main advantages.
  2. Thanks guys. It seems to me though that there could be a color chooser for the stroke right next to the one for the main color. Just like there is for shapes. For homogeneity. Have a happy 2020. Cheers.
  3. Hi. In a previous version, I could click on a >> symbol on the context tool bar then I'd see a control for the text stroke. In this version, there's nothing. I only see the color chooser for the text itself and not the stroke. I've tried the character tab too, and there's nothing there either. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. I just saw the video for 1.7 today, and there's a bit where you can see a line animating (a bit like the Trim Path in After Effects). Some very basic animation would be great. Just basic stuff like animating the scale of an object, its position, animating lines ans so on.
  5. Same problem here. My hard drive goes crazy and I have to hard reboot my computer by holding the power button. You definitely should be handling the "non opening" of non compatible files better.
  6. Thanks for the reply. It's too clunky this way for what I want to do. I'll wait for the Perspective Crop tool (hopefully).
  7. Hi. I'm loving AF so far, but of course, there's stuff from PS I can't live without, and one of them is Perspective crop. I've fiddled a lot with the crop tool but this doesn't seem to be possible. Is there a way to do it or a workaround? Perspective tool doesn't cut it for me for this purpose. Thanks.
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