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  1. LOL Thanks for replying. I will probably do a few more. If I decide to tackle Unicron that one will take awhile.
  2. As a kid I would watch my fav shows frame by frame learning to animate. I recreated one of my fav scenes from Transformers the Movie. Only the clouds are pixel persona.
  3. Plugins esp for Affinity Designer would be great. 3rd Parties could develop features that are missing.
  4. This would be nice like Freehand MX had. Countour gradients where the colors follow the shape of the object. When Affinity does implement these type of gradients I hope they make them work correctly with printing..lol Illustrators gradients mesh and new freeform gradients have huge color shift issues when switching color modes.
  5. Expand stroke is being worked on as we speak. the discussion is in this thead.
  6. On the forum here and twitter the team says they are working on fixing this now that all the 1.7 updates are out of the way.
  7. Also it would be nice when double clicking on a guide the Guides manager popped up as well as a keyboard shortcut. This was handy on FreeHand.
  8. I am also a fireworks user. would love to be able to just quickly select parts of objects and have a drop down of.. hard edge anti aliasing feather
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