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  1. LOL Whats funny is the company that owns Clip Studio Paint did this. After 10 years they announced V2.0 and 3.0..LOL It was and still is kind of confusing.
  2. Well Serif says V2 by the end of the year so they could announce anytime between tomorrow and the next 3months.
  3. Yeah the software is great. Each app is only several features away from blowing away other apps.
  4. The subscription model if you want to call it that I think would work for Serif is the model the UI app Sketch uses. When you buy you get 1 year of updates then after that you can still continue to use the software going forward. If at some point you see updates you think are worth it you pay the renewal fee for another year of updates. Doing this affinity would need to be consistent with updates.
  5. I guess a beta for ver 2.0 will be next. this was posted on Twitter today.
  6. It hasn't been a year yet since 1.10.5 so there will probably be something soon. Heck I am still discovering things in the current release and whenever the next update arrives I would hope there are updates to the core features like more path and node editing options etc.
  7. A roadmap like others have posted would be nice or at least we started working on features X, Y and Z and the beta will be soon. Anyways it is definitely time for some major updates since it seems like the last few months went to speed improvements etc.
  8. Yes GarryP thank you..lol How did I not see this?? I don't think I have even seen a tutorial showing it either.
  9. This is a option I mentioned that would be great in another thread. Contour gradient that follows what ever shape you draw or distort.
  10. LOL every-time this is asked the lyrics from the 80's cartoon Galaxy Rangers song pops in my head.."Somewhere in the future, far away from here.."..LOL Hopefully one day soon. Like I mentioned on another post it would be cool to at least get a heads up of any new features we will see in the future/next beta, or even some vid's of alpha work. The Adobe illustrator dev's have been doing that.
  11. I would like this option but really don't need it. I have had to create windows .ICO files that have multiple sizes and different bit depths or windows dev environment will reject the combined file. The app that does this very well and free, GIMP...lol I have this app specifically for making .ICO files.
  12. Yes these options would be great. It would be nice if the devs could just copy and past the code from drawplus of these features and improve them. Ha ha. But nope it doesn’t work like that.
  13. @Patrick Connor Sorry it's not bashing just a customer talking with folks in this forum. As you can see from the topic of this post there are concerns from people. And if Serif hasn't hired enough dev's because of $ then maybe ya'll should look at the Sketch pricing model mentioned here as well so each app can get the attention it deserves and grow at a faster pace.
  14. I was just saying this on facebook..LOL This model would make sense. Since the release of publisher + the ipad versions the dev teams seem to be spread thin. Hopefully they aren't hoarding big features for a paid 2.0 upgrade. The Sketch model would allow them to hire and give each app the attention it deserves.
  15. The Affinity team took down the roadmap awhile ago but it would be nice if they did something like this. While the 1.9 release candidate is being tested they could post what they plan to tackle in the next 1 or 2 updates. For example we plan on tackling gradient mesh and vector distort in ver 1.10, and bug fixes only in 1.11. This way us user's have a idea of what to look forward to. Right now the beta comes out and you look at the release notes and go aww still no features requested 4 years ago only bug fixes.
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