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  1. Thanks Bryan - good to know. Most of my work is exported as JPG or TIFF for printing but I occasionally use those vector formats too when the image is for screen use. I often find adding a Gaussian blur effect at 0.5 px radius keeps the pixellation down to acceptable levels even for quite subtle gradients.
  2. Hey GarryP - yep, that seems to be what I was looking for - thank you for sharing that. Will go away and play a while with my new toy!! Thanks again 🙂
  3. Hi, I often find myself wishing I could make a linear gradient fill be curved rather than, well, linear (ie. a straight line). Wouldn't it be cool if you could add a node or nodes to a path perpendicular to the gradient fill path with control handles which could be manipulated as when using the pen tool in standard pen mode to create bezier curvature to the shape of the gradient fill....... In case it's not clear what I mean, I have attached a quick mock up where: A is a linear gradient fill applied to a straight object to give a 3D effect of, say, a pipe B. is the same lin
  4. Thanks DanC and MEB - glad to have been of help in finding a bug!! And Hi PixelPest - getting the line width to reset at that place is exactly why I want to break the path with pressure enabled - I'm emulating very finely detailed brush and ink line drawings and this is a convenient way of continually modifying the line width as the line progresses along differing curves. I have attached a simple example of a section of a stylized silk scarf showing how I use this technique. Best wishes
  5. Hi Dan C, Thanks for the reply - I'm using the dedicated node tool when adding the new node - I swap tools using keyboard commands. And Hi firstdefene - yep, that works - or I just tried double clicking with the node tool to add the new node which then immediately makes the break curve option available. Sorted!
  6. Hi, So, just installed Designer update 1.8.4 and have noticed the following: Draw a line with the pen tool then add a new node with the node tool but the 'Break Curve' option in the toolbar is now greyed out. It can only be accessed by deselecting the line then selecting it again. This was NOT the case before the 1.8.4 update. It is an operation I perform pretty much every day and it is really annoying as it breaks my workflow every time. Running Designer on MacBookPro 2019, 16" with MacOS Catalina 10.15.6 Please let me know what is different or fix it please if it i
  7. Hi, I use Designer principally for creating line illustrations of high complexity using the pen tool and it would be great if I could scale all or a selection of line widths in the same way as scaling line lengths etc by typing a formula into the Width box in the Stroke panel such as *=2 to double or *=67% to reduce to two thirds etc. This might also mean accuracy in line widths to two decimal places rather than just one as I am working at an average of 0.8 pts for line widths. Am LOVING Designer - best bit of software I've bought in 40 years of owning computers Thanks gu
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