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  1. which I of course did and couldn't find a straight answer to my question, otherwise i wouldn't ask here would I?
  2. I'm not looking for any extra fonts, just a list of those included, many thanks though
  3. Hi, does anyone know where i can find a list of the fonts included with affinity publisher, im just curious, obviously i have other fonts but im looking for the list of standard included fonts. many thanks
  4. ok, well that's a shame, but i appreciate the reply if you ever do do any example videos etc please let me know
  5. Any chance you will ever do any video tutorials, to give an idea of your workflow @VectorVonDoom your work is seriously impressive!
  6. The original post, and other early posts talk about alternatives - this is not about going back to the original state that serif got cold feet over -there are already many duplicate threads begging for feature xyz - at least with a roadmap of serifs intentions - or of a dev-blog of sorts - the community would understand the direction of some tools / plans. simply stating - we had this people would act the same is not the point. the community is in the dark
  7. The FFT denoise tool is pretty cool ,but could be improved in a number of ways in my opinion. Firstly - allow the FFT Denoise panel to go full screen, it can be very annoying to work in a limited window, yes there is zoom, but allow us to look at the picture better by allowing the ability to full screen to tool window. Secondly - allow a history panel within the tool - sometimes i need to go back and do more denoising, and the previous edits are there, but i cannot change or undo any edits made to the "denoise map" Thirdly - Allow for a layers option - similarly to above, allow for "denoise layers" - that way i can change the severity of a group of edits with opacity, turn them off to view the previous state, or build up denoise based on colour intensity etc. Finally - Improve the performance of the window - it can be very sluggish to react, meaning that you can over or under draw on large files, i realise this may be a pain but perhaps if layers were implemented - you would draw on the layaer, then "bake" an "unbake" the layer to apply / remove it from the original image, this would still allow for a live preview of actively baked layers
  8. another bump for this feature - if memory serves at one point the team stated they would not support 1bit - I cannot fathom why, 1 bit images can have so many uses, and yet again I'm forced to go find and install another image editor to do something that i would much rather do in the affinity workflow, here's to hoping that some sustained requests may change their mind.
  9. these are good examples - but even something Far simpler would be useful - for example, lets say serif are currently working on x number of tools "10" tools internally for designer, many of these may be no where near ready for deployment or external testing, lets use Mithferion's example of the construction mode that disappeared. in a blog post or in a roadmap serif could mention say just 3 of these tools 3 Export priority's and 3 interface improvements / options - based on their internal major priority's EXAMPLE ONLY Current Tool Priority's Construction mode Knife Tool True vector brushes (now with optional rasterization rather than default) Current Export Priority's Better Pdf Tools True vector export for remaining formats (now with optional rasterization rather than default) DXF import / export Current Interface Priority's dimensions and measuring options Studio / suite mode for Affinity Photo / Designer (if you own all three apps switch between them like in publisher) save tool settings on document reload (example inpainting brush not staying on current / below when document reopened) EXAMPLE ENDS something as simple as this for each app would throw a bone to the users, should reduce thread spamming and re creation based around the same subjects - some threads are 4+ years old and people still add +1 or start a new thread about the same subject matter because they simply dont know other threads exist (what one person calls tool X - another calls tool Y. notice there are no dates / version numbers tied to a list like this, just these are the things we are currently prioritising, of course you can add more and surprise people, or even do an update with only one thing in it, but at least the community knows that feature x is being worked on, just hold your horses and chill out about this tool, it would give indication to what is being done, providing some certainty and having less spammy threads in the forum. if you chose the blog format you could go into much further detail, and delve into why affinity's "construction mode" is cool / innovative without giving too much away.
  10. Hey Mithferion yes i'm aware of the Betas and mention it in my post, but I see 2 problems with this approach only. firstly the betas are not a point of public information but rather public testing, the only way to keep up with what the team is doing is by watching the beta thread every day, i cant even think in the back of my mind, oh well at least i know that feature x is currently in development, so i will just wait until its ready or does appear in a beta. the second is a lot of users will not watch the beta thread or test the beta until they hear a feature is there, meaning that many many users have no idea what's happening even when its in beta, and as most betas are fixes and minor improvements (very welcome ones) its not like people expect a new feature, or new information with each iteration, again discouraging them from paying attention to the threads. i'm proposing either a prioritised roadmap - but with no finite date - i.e next we will be working on speed improvements then we will be working on improved colour spaces then we will add a knife tool etc etc (to be clear this does not have to be a complete feature list covering 1.x -2.0, but rather a few tidbits to keep the community going, which may clean up duplicate thread requests in the forum for XYZ tool( or a blog post maybe once a month or so, talking about what serif are working on (roughly, again i understand they may not want to be too detailed to keep competition guessing) any other features added to an edition are a bonus, but it would give the community something to chew on - there are many examples of things with roadmaps that work perfectly fine, the fact serif removed it was to do with community demands and disappointment from what i understand, so i'm proposing a solution for both the community and serif. ideally they could hold a poll to find out what the most important features are to the community for each app - however that's not how software developments works in many cases as feature x may require a refactoring of code that brakes other things or requires another dependency to be in place first. so what I'm proposing is just a way for the community to see a key feature that is currently being worked on , either in a prioritised list - or as a series of blog posts.
  11. I fully understand why the roadmap was removed, but currently all affinity users are completely in the dark, this means they need to maintain subscriptions to adobe / others in order to use the tools they want, and they have to do so not knowing when / if Serif will ever implement feature X/Y Essentially the roadmap should only be Key tools / features and should be a "this is what we are working on next" and it will be released when it is ready - rather than this feature will be released in version 1.x.x this could be done in the form of a dev blog of sorts - (common in the opensource community e.g godot dev blog) To check in with the teams showing the community what serif is hard at work doing - because we know you are, we just have no clue what on - the only current way to see anything is to daily spam and check the beta thread - but even then that doesn't tell us about what's going on on the dev side for each app, I realise this is not open source, and there is proprietary and sensitive information that you may not want to share, but a little bit of info a teaser and a rough explanation of a concept might be cool. a lot of the things that Serif is doing already exists in a similar way - but maybe not as cool, so for example lets say you were adding a filter type (before we knew what live filters were) you don't have to explain / show off the live side of the filter just, this week we are talking to Tim , he is part of the Photo Team and recently has been working on various ways to implement gaussian blur - cue some maths and a rough explanation of what he has been up to maybe with an animated gif / video of examples. I personally really like the Affinity Suite for a lot of reasons - but there are gripes about certain missing features / odd behaviours, if you check the forums there a LOT of threads about the same issues, with a lot of community support for implementation. e.g vector transform / perspective or DXF import / export. without the implementation of plugins so people can program workarounds / or 3rd party solutions external from the affinity workflow I think a Roadmap (non encompassing and without hard promises) or a Dev blog showing what features are being developed internally (even if just a tease) would help the community to get behind the team more rather than just complaining it may also serve the purpose of allowing users to make decisions about what adobe licence to purchase length wise, if you know a tool is being developed and is "almost ready to go" then perhaps that renewal of the Creative cloud can be skipped this month. it also would allow for some live feedback and comments to do with ui / implementation of said tool prior to being included in a beta. just my opinion
  12. Hi, @Chris B that beta does seem to be stable so far, using the old driver 20.12.1 have not tested it with the new driver. but may have time this evening to do so. thanks i will keep you posted.
  13. Updated to 1.9 and everything seemed ok , but when i tried to do FFT denoise on high dpi documents (1200) after clicking a single area on the noise "map" the work area would become a giant graphics glitch. I then tried updating my drivers, this actually made things worse, now designer crashes my gfx driver on launch and photo crashes completely when trying to use FFT denoise. i have no idea at this point if other things are causing crashes. I'm going to attempt a gfx card driver rollback for more stability for now. this does not happen if i turn hardware acceleration off platform: Windows 10 Pro build 19042.746 Graphics card: AMD Radeon RX480 8gb Cpu Intel: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz "more stable driver" 20.12.1 "newer unstable driver" 21.1.1 to be clear both don't work, but 20.12.1 results in a lot of glitched image, where as 21.1.1 crashes completely please let me know if you need any more information.
  14. How do I achieve a pixel perfect fill ? I have taken an image, made my selection, and now i want to fill that selection to a pixel, But I cant. I have set the Fill Tool to 100% tolerance and to 0% tolerance, just in case I had misunderstood, I tried both directions. I have tried changing the contiguous setting too.. nothing no matter what I try, my fill does not fill my selection, worse, it not only does not fill the selection it fills outside of it. what am I doing wrong? I understand sometimes you may want softness and anti aliasing but other times you want hard solid edges. I have included a screenshot to help explain the issue, I simply want the selected area to be 100% solid fill and no where else to be affected.
  15. In the My Purchases section after registration - it is only showing the new brush pack, should this note be showing all other content too - I also have the grade ui kit, retro supply font collection Iconic Graphic & Logo Templates by The Vector Lab, Fine Liner Affinity Brushes by The Artifex Forge, Montebello Typeface by Ian Barnard, JR Macros: Channels but only the luminance brush pack is showing up? is this intended
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